Release Notes - uDIG - Version UDIG 1.3.0 - HTML format


  • [UDIG-1789] - Gef Palette Review Take 1
  • [UDIG-1792] - Trouble saving a map project referencing MapEditorWithPalette
  • [UDIG-1799] - ToolManager and MapViewer conflict over ownership of the current tool
  • [UDIG-1801] - Update Walkthrough 1 with palette changes
  • [UDIG-1805] - EmptyMap displays all Tools


  • [UDIG-1428] - Deadlock with net.refractions.udig.project.ui Activator
  • [UDIG-1570] - Add Layer in OracleSpatialWizardPage throws exception on connect
  • [UDIG-1687] - SVG missing apache batik
  • [UDIG-1718] - SLD editor "forgets" about xml SLD when reopened
  • [UDIG-1808] - GEF Palette MapEditor : unable to change tools in other MapEditors
  • [UDIG-1815] - bookmarks not usable after restart
  • [UDIG-1817] - Layer & Bookmark view not initialized correctly on restart
  • [UDIG-1822] - ID URL change trips up over Windows XP Use
  • [UDIG-1823] - Generic DataStore getting in the way of WMS support
  • [UDIG-1824] - URLUtils Comparison fails for File vs URL compare
  • [UDIG-1831] - Delete multiple vertex in a geometry not working
  • [UDIG-1836] - DEL button deletes Maps from Projects
  • [UDIG-1844] - SWTException using zoomTools after closing LayersView
  • [UDIG-1848] - Snapping tool option combo does not update when the preference is updated
  • [UDIG-1849] - Map properties dialog cant be opened, ClassCastException - Layer expected in LayerInteractionPropertyPage
  • [UDIG-1851] - Slow style dialog load when working with a Point layer


  • [UDIG-1777] - Kill off and replace with a maven pom
  • [UDIG-1780] - Use GEF Tool Palette for MapEditor Tools
  • [UDIG-1807] - Cleanup Start-up Warnings
  • [UDIG-1816] - Provide automated build via Maven
  • [UDIG-1821] - Single Pan Tool configured with Preferences

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