Release Notes - uDIG - Version UDIG 1.2.M0 - HTML format


  • [UDIG-1360] - Get rid of the udig subclasses for WFSDataStore and WFSDataStoreFactory


  • [UDIG-188] - The filter editor is broken
  • [UDIG-1281] - ResolveContentProvider handles cached services wrong
  • [UDIG-1323] - HoleTool throws endless NPE exceptions to the log and screen
  • [UDIG-1333] - ResolveManager not checking canResolve method when selecting IResolveAdapaterFactory
  • [UDIG-1343] - Add Vertex tool should also affect neighboring polys with adjacent edges
  • [UDIG-1369] - mapeditor dosen't work as a plugin
  • [UDIG-1373] - Exception when editing the style of multiple layers
  • [UDIG-1391] - WebMapServer PNG format scrambled for some servers
  • [UDIG-1392] - Tools menu added after Help menu
  • [UDIG-1411] - Schema Drag and Drop Fix
  • [UDIG-1415] - wrong feature layer style visualization on trunk
  • [UDIG-1431] - wms layer ordering
  • [UDIG-1463] - Using Oracle connector, unable to complete the first page of the wizard
  • [UDIG-1465] - WMS-C not reloading layers when restart & Cache issues
  • [UDIG-1470] - Java Heap Space issue in custom application

New Feature

  • [UDIG-653] - Could we have a ViewPart version of the map viewer?


  • [UDIG-995] - UDIG on geotools 2.3
  • [UDIG-1371] - Upgrade usage of Geotools data access api to handle generics

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