Release Notes - uDIG - Version UDIG 1.2.M4 - HTML format


  • [UDIG-735] - uDIG cannot read shapefiles which extension file name are in captial letters
  • [UDIG-1187] - Only the "default" geometry can be edited
  • [UDIG-1331] - Multiple UdigTransaction seen in the wild
  • [UDIG-1467] - Unable to Load Map
  • [UDIG-1493] - Simple Style Editor panel changes its layout
  • [UDIG-1513] - error in cursorPosition code
  • [UDIG-1517] - Shapefile layers with spaces not persisting correctly
  • [UDIG-1526] - Make Hole is not working.
  • [UDIG-1550] - Bug of ".localCatalog"


  • [UDIG-1357] - file in Finder should have uDig version #, not Eclipse's.
  • [UDIG-1490] - Catalogue listing does not allow the selection of Multiple Geometry


  • [UDIG-1352] - Upgrade WFS plugin to changes in GeoTools WFS DataStore for 1.1.0 support

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