Release Notes - AWare - Version 0.1 - HTML format


  • [AWARE-17] - wert
  • [AWARE-22] - Rserse
  • [AWARE-23] - Running Weblogic8.1 with sp6 an exception when try to deploy the application through the gui console its an ear file.


  • [AWARE-4] - Alter the maven build so that it works but Sun JVM and JRockit
  • [AWARE-8] - Make the UnitOfWork aspect more configurable for listeners
  • [AWARE-12] - TX supports, TX mandatory, TX never for UOW
  • [AWARE-13] - Complete TX requiresNew for UOW

New Feature


  • [AWARE-1] - MBeanRegistrationAspect should declare JMX constructors
  • [AWARE-2] - Document the usage of the aspects
  • [AWARE-3] - Add logo to confluence doc site
  • [AWARE-6] - BerkeleyDB Java Edition implementation
  • [AWARE-7] - Hibernate implementation
  • [AWARE-10] - JDBM implementation
  • [AWARE-11] - JGroups implementation
  • [AWARE-16] - write yours build.xml for your own components

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