Release Notes - Maven Surefire (moved to ASF) - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [SUREFIRE-47] - JUnit suite() method ends up being called twice when tests are run with Surefire
  • [SUREFIRE-55] - Incorrect splitting of command line arguments in ForkConfiguration
  • [SUREFIRE-57] - Invalid characters in XML reports
  • [SUREFIRE-117] - ability to add dependency to jvm's classpath rather in surefirebooter classloader
  • [SUREFIRE-118] - Cannot override read-only parameter: classpathElements
  • [SUREFIRE-158] - Web site has incorrect source repository information
  • [SUREFIRE-161] - Result message of Surefire TestNG run with invalid <suiteXmlFile> not logical.
  • [SUREFIRE-164] - Classpath in XML report is wrong
  • [SUREFIRE-165] - TestNG JDK1.4 JavaDoc annotated classes never run ... and now I know why.
  • [SUREFIRE-166] - trimStackTrace=true trims "caused by:" sections complelely away
  • [SUREFIRE-167] - Non-Abstract TestCase not executed if name starts with Abstract
  • [SUREFIRE-169] - No tests detected when both TestNG and JUnit in classpath
  • [SUREFIRE-174] - Various information is written to stdout instead of log which is not embedder-friendly
  • [SUREFIRE-287] - Regression: org.testng.xml.Praser#parse() signature changed
  • [SUREFIRE-313] - build fails with ClassNotFoundException, BUT the class IS there!
  • [SUREFIRE-316] - [M206] Test doesn't work anymore
  • [SUREFIRE-331] - Resources can't be found on classLoader
  • [SUREFIRE-334] - useSystemClassLoader introduces dependencies
  • [SUREFIRE-345] - TestNG test fail with IllegalARgumentExceptoin
  • [SUREFIRE-346] - build failure when there is any class with name matching the test pattern, but is not a testcase
  • [SUREFIRE-350] - if test parameter is provided, and no match is found, an error should occur, not a successful build with 0 tests
  • [SUREFIRE-361] - The maven-surefire-plugin fails with an NPE in TestNG 4.7
  • [SUREFIRE-362] - SurefireBooter does not recognise the Properties sent by SurefirePlugin
  • [SUREFIRE-364] - 2.4-SNAPSHOT of 27th Oct 2007 has invalid Plexus dependency
  • [SUREFIRE-376] - TestNG @AfterSuite failures are ignored
  • [SUREFIRE-377] - When JUnit and TestNG tests are in same project, only one set gets run
  • [SUREFIRE-378] - junit-dep 4.4 isn't detected; tests are treated as POJO tests.
  • [SUREFIRE-379] - When an exception occurs in @BeforeMethod, the exception is not recorded.
  • [SUREFIRE-380] - TestNG 5.2 not recognized
  • [SUREFIRE-385] - Booter can't decode properties when <groups> contains commas
  • [SUREFIRE-388] - JUnit4 not activated when using junit-dep
  • [SUREFIRE-389] - IncompatibleClassChangeError when useSystemClassLoader=true
  • [SUREFIRE-390] - New ITs tend to duplicate class names in default package; this confuses IDEA
  • [SUREFIRE-391] - current trunk doesn't work on os whithout /bin/bash (as FreeBsd)
  • [SUREFIRE-392] - TestNG group-thread-parallel test fails non-deterministically
  • [SUREFIRE-398] - junit44-ignore test XML claims the test took a million seconds
  • [SUREFIRE-403] - TestNgPathWithSpaces integration test fails on Unix
  • [SUREFIRE-411] - -Dtest=SingleTest doesn't work in multi-project reactor
  • [SUREFIRE-412] - useSystemClassLoader warning when forkMode=never, but useSystemClassLoader isn't set
  • [SUREFIRE-416] - Forked process inherits user.dir of parent process, multimodule builds behave differently from single module
  • [SUREFIRE-572] - NPE on maven surefire report generation for testng


  • [SUREFIRE-59] - Not compatible with TestNG 5.2: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.testng.xml.XmlSuite.setParallel(Z)V
  • [SUREFIRE-136] - The plugin does not use JAVA_HOME variable and launches default JVM
  • [SUREFIRE-137] - provide option to list all of the test cases which failed when running a build
  • [SUREFIRE-181] - allow 'test' argument to take fully qualified class names as well as the current short format, and document the current behaviour better
  • [SUREFIRE-183] - enhance maven.surefire.debug property to allow a full debug string (and take the current default if none given for backwards compat)
  • [SUREFIRE-186] - Make the use of 'test' env-var more Eclipse-friendly
  • [SUREFIRE-303] - Ignored/Skipped tests are not reported
  • [SUREFIRE-325] - when parsing excludedGroups config prop, trim leading and trailing whitespace off of group names
  • [SUREFIRE-352] - Get rid of hardcoded TestNG dependency name.
  • [SUREFIRE-370] - Make testing frameworks artifact names configurable in plugin
  • [SUREFIRE-384] - Allow TestNG to generate its native XML output
  • [SUREFIRE-400] - Add basic statement of JUnit version support
  • [SUREFIRE-417] - Make new "skipTests" parameter to replace skipExec

New Feature


  • [SUREFIRE-50] - write comprehensive tests for surefire
  • [SUREFIRE-394] - Resolve snapshot dependencies in Surefire 2.4


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