Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.3.6 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1743] - Provide better error handling if DELETE of project fails
  • [CONTINUUM-1814] - release prepare : when generate-reactor-projects can't resolve transitively dependency.
  • [CONTINUUM-2338] - unable to export user db
  • [CONTINUUM-2406] - Adding Ant/Shell projects with default project group as the project group name prompts 'Project group is required'
  • [CONTINUUM-2437] - SCM tag field is not propagated to buildagent
  • [CONTINUUM-2452] - project builds longer with distributed build enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2460] - Queues page no longer auto-refreshes
  • [CONTINUUM-2468] - data-management-cli-${version}-app.jar is not getting deployed
  • [CONTINUUM-2469] - The Company Name isn't shown when you hover over the Company Logo
  • [CONTINUUM-2475] - NullPointerException while adding a Maven 2 project if there is already an Ant project in the group


  • [CONTINUUM-2282] - Fix invalid links when generating pdf of continuum-docs
  • [CONTINUUM-2283] - Re-do images so they appear correctly in the continuum-docs pdf
  • [CONTINUUM-2448] - Update LDAP configuration documentation


  • [CONTINUUM-2363] - Missing documentation for 'Arguments' field on release perform
  • [CONTINUUM-2429] - Remove untested platforms from installation docs


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