Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.4.0 (Beta) - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1578] - No output after a successful perform release
  • [CONTINUUM-1815] - Scheduled build loses track of proper reactor order after a release
  • [CONTINUUM-2114] - cannot login with perforce scm until new version of scm is included
  • [CONTINUUM-2170] - No such object error when forcing a build from the group-level Build Definitions tab
  • [CONTINUUM-2267] - Error with backslash in Windows path for inatallation tests
  • [CONTINUUM-2270] - Selenium tests fail when run with JDK 1.6
  • [CONTINUUM-2285] - Queues page turns to blank if build queues are not empty
  • [CONTINUUM-2349] - Project should only build in agents that are in the Build agent group assigned to it
  • [CONTINUUM-2371] - Unable to view queues after loss of build agent
  • [CONTINUUM-2381] - Project is not building even when there is an enabled build agent configured
  • [CONTINUUM-2386] - Build environment selection is ignored when releasing with distributed build enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2391] - Master should not pass full path to local repository to the agent
  • [CONTINUUM-2395] - Build Environment accepts duplicate name during edit
  • [CONTINUUM-2397] - Unable to edit the added local repository
  • [CONTINUUM-2440] - Unable to download html file from working copy
  • [CONTINUUM-2450] - Intermittent error when releasing in a distributed build
  • [CONTINUUM-2451] - Unable to release a project using the "provide parameters" option with distributed builds
  • [CONTINUUM-2466] - authorization failed when building ant / shell projects
  • [CONTINUUM-2474] - Fix selenium failing test in windows
  • [CONTINUUM-2476] - Projects are not built in the correct build agent when the project is already in the build queue and then triggered to be built again
  • [CONTINUUM-2479] - Link to cron-help is wrong
  • [CONTINUUM-2487] - Selenium tests fail if run at certain times crossing the 'on the hour' default schedule trigger
  • [CONTINUUM-2490] - Getting permission denied when running selenium tests in IE
  • [CONTINUUM-2493] - "Users Wiki" link on home page points at old wiki
  • [CONTINUUM-2494] - Unable to build a project even though the build agent is there.
  • [CONTINUUM-2504] - Queues page shows distributedBuild.table.agentUrl for the Agent URL field instead of the actual value


  • [CONTINUUM-493] - Allow to add all developpers address in a notifier without duplicate developpers addresses
  • [CONTINUUM-565] - Forced builds should say who (which continuum user) forced the build
  • [CONTINUUM-2160] - Upgrade to last scm version (1.2) and last release-manager version
  • [CONTINUUM-2373] - Distributed Master needs more detailed logging
  • [CONTINUUM-2458] - Continuum Release should do a checkout if there is no working copy

New Feature



  • [CONTINUUM-2073] - Revive the automated Selenium integration tests
  • [CONTINUUM-2268] - Continuum Webapp Tests Capture Screenshot for
  • [CONTINUUM-2271] - Continuum Build Agent Tests and Improvement on Build Queue Test
  • [CONTINUUM-2378] - Selenium Test for deleting projects and project groups
  • [CONTINUUM-2467] - Selenium test: check for project group SCM update when building projects
  • [CONTINUUM-2482] - Replace the use of Thread.sleep to Selenium waitForCondition

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