Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.3.3 (Beta) - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1130] - can't delete default project group
  • [CONTINUUM-1767] - Better handling of error when deleting a Build Environment that is in use
  • [CONTINUUM-1806] - Unable to delete M1 projects
  • [CONTINUUM-1940] - NPE in IRC notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-1979] - regression from 1.1 to 1.2.2: projects keep building even without changes
  • [CONTINUUM-1982] - The cow in the log says "Continuum unknown started!"
  • [CONTINUUM-2019] - 500 Error after editing project group info
  • [CONTINUUM-2039] - NPE in data management when a profile is active but not defined
  • [CONTINUUM-2075] - Error deleting project group build definition
  • [CONTINUUM-2078] - Errors in export/import examples
  • [CONTINUUM-2083] - "Project name already exist" when creating a new ant or shell project in a recently created project group
  • [CONTINUUM-2100] - Unable to import data that includes installations
  • [CONTINUUM-2106] - Update Backup / Restore Database tool for BuildQueue table
  • [CONTINUUM-2138] - Fix error message when attempting to delete a Build Environment that is in use
  • [CONTINUUM-2143] - Message schedule.buildqueues.add.error when a schedule already exist
  • [CONTINUUM-2144] - NullPointerException when edit a project group with empty or only whitespaces values in Project Group Name
  • [CONTINUUM-2145] - Title and Text 'Schedule Removal' when you delete a schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-2147] - Schema generated is incorrect when jpox.null-value="default" is set in sendOnScmFailure field
  • [CONTINUUM-2150] - Message keys are showing in the jsp pages
  • [CONTINUUM-2156] - Sorting not working in Project Groups Members Tab Screen
  • [CONTINUUM-2157] - Build number is missing on build results
  • [CONTINUUM-2159] - Error upgrading from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 using Data Management Tool
  • [CONTINUUM-2161] - Release results state is always ERROR
  • [CONTINUUM-2165] - Adding Maven 1 project don't show errors in POM format
  • [CONTINUUM-2167] - Edit Wagon Notifier don't show serverId of notifier loaded
  • [CONTINUUM-2171] - Build Definition missing from template after import
  • [CONTINUUM-2174] - Queues page is empty when distributed builds is enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2175] - Error when add a Maven 2 Project with file url
  • [CONTINUUM-2176] - Build Queue is still specified as under Administration in Managing Parallel Builds while it is actually under Parallel Builds in the navigation menu
  • [CONTINUUM-2178] - Unable to add secured projects
  • [CONTINUUM-2179] - Error when updating project from working copy when project developer's email address is null
  • [CONTINUUM-2180] - Deleting a Maven 1 project causes a JDODataStoreException
  • [CONTINUUM-2183] - project cycle can cause Continuum to fail to start
  • [CONTINUUM-2184] - temp directory should not be created within the web application
  • [CONTINUUM-2186] - No error displayed (in webapp and in logs) when an error has occurred during release:prepare parameter input
  • [CONTINUUM-2197] - select all was removed from the queue page
  • [CONTINUUM-2200] - Logs should not display scm credentials when adding projects
  • [CONTINUUM-2206] - NPE when building all projects in a group or a single project
  • [CONTINUUM-2209] - Can delete projects, project group, build result while project is currently building or being checked out
  • [CONTINUUM-2211] - s:head tag is duplicated in some pages
  • [CONTINUUM-2212] - RuntimeException when the project shouldn't build and no buildresult exist
  • [CONTINUUM-2213] - NullPointerException in build queues page
  • [CONTINUUM-2217] - Scheduled builds stopped after upgrade
  • [CONTINUUM-2218] - Unrelated but inter-dependent projects in the same group are not built in the correct order
  • [CONTINUUM-2219] - Project SCM Root is not created when migrating from 1.2.x to 1.3.x without using a data management tool
  • [CONTINUUM-2232] - Continuum ignores duplicate projects in forced and scheduled builds
  • [CONTINUUM-2233] - Unable to remove prepare build queues and build queues when distributed build is enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2235] - Continuum ignores 'enable' property in PurgeConfiguration for schedules
  • [CONTINUUM-2339] - unable to import exported build db


  • [CONTINUUM-1712] - improve the performance of the group summary page
  • [CONTINUUM-1848] - Forcing a build from the project group level build definitions tab returns you to the list of project groups with no feedback
  • [CONTINUUM-2016] - Cannot edit Enabled field in Purge Configuration
  • [CONTINUUM-2111] - Create a separate role for adding and deleting a (parallel) build queue
  • [CONTINUUM-2123] - Use the same version of slf4j in continuum-scm
  • [CONTINUUM-2154] - Data management client only take into account default configuration
  • [CONTINUUM-2185] - set default memory upper limit to 256m
  • [CONTINUUM-2231] - Queues page should include the prepare build queue
  • [CONTINUUM-2258] - Some errors should have meaningful message instead of showing the stack trace

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