Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1-alpha-2 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1255] - FATAL EnvironmentCheck Failure on Continuum Startup


  • [CONTINUUM-424] - Do not add again the same project
  • [CONTINUUM-620] - Changes section in Continuum build result and build e-mail only show blank columns and file names
  • [CONTINUUM-639] - Rebuild not triggered when svn repository change consists of a single file deletion
  • [CONTINUUM-661] - ConcurrentModificationException when building maven2 multiproject
  • [CONTINUUM-684] - Access to Continuum using XML-RPC is not authenticated.
  • [CONTINUUM-827] - notification emails missing svn information
  • [CONTINUUM-837] - POM upload screen says file:// URLs are supported but fails if you try one
  • [CONTINUUM-933] - Build result page doesn't show changes
  • [CONTINUUM-1053] - xwork configuration error on startup
  • [CONTINUUM-1107] - Continuum build failes in continuum-core on a clean system
  • [CONTINUUM-1176] - Mail configuration is consistent (registration email vs. build result email)
  • [CONTINUUM-1187] - NumberFormatException on invalid scm url
  • [CONTINUUM-1196] - Does not display proper information when user returns to site
  • [CONTINUUM-1229] - com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid default value for 'SCM_USE_CACHE'
  • [CONTINUUM-1251] - Required fields display validation repeatedly for each "enter"
  • [CONTINUUM-1257] - Identification page lock
  • [CONTINUUM-1261] - Error with state handling (keeping username and password / cookie state)
  • [CONTINUUM-1269] - XMLRPC server must be a servlet on the same port used by the webapp instead of a specific port
  • [CONTINUUM-1274] - Release Project fails due to pom.xml not writable with perforce as SCM
  • [CONTINUUM-1275] - Project Group Name that contains only spaces can be added.
  • [CONTINUUM-1276] - Error in editing the Project name using spaces only
  • [CONTINUUM-1282] - Adding or editing a Project Build Definition can accept spaces in pom file name
  • [CONTINUUM-1289] - Sorting Usernames in Build Management's Project Group member list does not work in Firefox 2
  • [CONTINUUM-1290] - Project ID is not validated when adding a Project Group
  • [CONTINUUM-1292] - Error when clicking build icon in Project Build Definitions summary
  • [CONTINUUM-1293] - Hitting 'Add' button repetitively in adding an Ant, Shell and Schedule using empty string only accumulates validation prompts
  • [CONTINUUM-1294] - Adding a Schedule, Ant/ Shell Projects can accept spaces
  • [CONTINUUM-1381] - CLONE -Release Project fails due to pom.xml not writable with perforce as SCM


New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-683] - Implement a "ping" service that XML-RPC clients can use to test connection.


  • [CONTINUUM-641] - stopping continuum when builds are in progress /queued causes duplicates on restart
  • [CONTINUUM-1242] - Update Continuum Model
  • [CONTINUUM-1270] - Release artifacts are missing license and notice files


  • [CONTINUUM-722] - Project should be built again if svn command fails

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