Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-25] - Add the possibility to define a branch/tag for a build.
  • [CONTINUUM-122] - IBM'JRE : java.lang.ClassCircularityError
  • [CONTINUUM-153] - GET has side effects - Deleting a project.
  • [CONTINUUM-176] - adding parent pom create duplicate continuum projects for all children
  • [CONTINUUM-327] - Two Email Notifiers with two differents address send two emails with all address.
  • [CONTINUUM-329] - Can't start continuum
  • [CONTINUUM-330] - POM-only projects ignored. Causes problems with parent/child module pattern
  • [CONTINUUM-331] - Invalid build #
  • [CONTINUUM-333] - invalid URL in add project gives garbled error next to browse button
  • [CONTINUUM-334] - can't add a pom from the repository
  • [CONTINUUM-336] - builds are not shown as queued on the front page
  • [CONTINUUM-337] - group should be maven groupID, is full ID
  • [CONTINUUM-338] - working copy should exclude .svn/CVS directory
  • [CONTINUUM-339] - build ID of 0 shown on failure
  • [CONTINUUM-340] - when build is in progress, working copy link is missing on front page
  • [CONTINUUM-345] - Ability to configure username/password external to URL connection
  • [CONTINUUM-349] - changes not shown in text emails to list
  • [CONTINUUM-350] - Missing executable permission in bin/linux/wrapper
  • [CONTINUUM-353] - scheduded build is skipped with starteam provider
  • [CONTINUUM-355] - Unable to submit configuration page
  • [CONTINUUM-356] - Duplicate build entry when us back button after submit add project
  • [CONTINUUM-357] - Fix "ERROR: Unknown build state 0" message when scm command failed
  • [CONTINUUM-361] - Scheduler always choose the first build definition
  • [CONTINUUM-380] - Continuum attempts an invalid CVS command


New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-249] - Ability to set up a periodical cleansing of the temp directory
  • [CONTINUUM-288] - integrate per-project notifier handling

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