Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1-beta-3 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1441] - Keep connection on irc server between each messages


  • [CONTINUUM-697] - sizes incompatible with mssql (Patch Attached)
  • [CONTINUUM-1037] - Ant projects inherit a default build definition for Maven 2.
  • [CONTINUUM-1038] - Build definitions should list what type they are (ant, maven, maven2, shell)
  • [CONTINUUM-1041] - two defaults on the build definition page
  • [CONTINUUM-1181] - Continuum aborts when running Postgres under JBoss
  • [CONTINUUM-1296] - Continuum 1.1-alpha-1 does not copy Maven2 project pom.xml's /project/build/defaultGoal/text() value to Build Definition Goals field.
  • [CONTINUUM-1306] - templated roles are not added automatically if missing after upgrade
  • [CONTINUUM-1325] - Surefire Report history is not kept for prior builds
  • [CONTINUUM-1348] - jut of memory in build result
  • [CONTINUUM-1353] - after a few weeks, continuum runs into outofmemory error
  • [CONTINUUM-1367] - granting group admin rights for a single project doesn't seem to work
  • [CONTINUUM-1384] - Build error when enqueing happens during SCM update
  • [CONTINUUM-1391] - Missing "Download as text " link
  • [CONTINUUM-1393] - change sets are duplicated on multiple failed builds
  • [CONTINUUM-1395] - check the permissions on the add project action for ant projects
  • [CONTINUUM-1404] - M2 Multi module projects still build non-recursively
  • [CONTINUUM-1411] - Link to display build surefire report doesn't work (in fact displaying surefire report per build is false)
  • [CONTINUUM-1412] - File Inclusion Vulnerability
  • [CONTINUUM-1415] - Javascript errors with IE
  • [CONTINUUM-1417] - continuum group administrator role should imply user + developer too
  • [CONTINUUM-1418] - Groups Roles aren't added automatically at startup in the available roles list if the users list was deleted
  • [CONTINUUM-1420] - "Build Fresh" and Profile columns are missed in group build definitions page for specific project build definitions
  • [CONTINUUM-1423] - Default project group is missing from the list
  • [CONTINUUM-1428] - Continuum must rebuild automatically a project that was in error in the previous build even if it haven't changesin the current update
  • [CONTINUUM-1429] - Initial checkout does not respect 'Use cached scm credentials' setting
  • [CONTINUUM-1435] - Release prepare not working
  • [CONTINUUM-1439] - Group Summary page display error
  • [CONTINUUM-1445] - Impossible to add two projects with the same name even if they have differents version and/or scmUrl
  • [CONTINUUM-1448] - upgrade to last webwork/xwork
  • [CONTINUUM-1494] - Maximum length for name column exceeded in makeAndStoreBuildResult


  • [CONTINUUM-406] - irc notifications: support for registered nicks
  • [CONTINUUM-522] - IRC support needed for IRC servers not supporting /privmsg
  • [CONTINUUM-1093] - After validation, logged in user is shown the login page
  • [CONTINUUM-1218] - Automatically determine correct POM file location in Build Definition when checking out from SCMs like ClearCase
  • [CONTINUUM-1278] - Need to add description and/or name to build defintion
  • [CONTINUUM-1279] - Need to add "Build Information" to the build result reports and notification.
  • [CONTINUUM-1333] - show in project group summary per project also the status counters (as they are shown on the project groups pages)
  • [CONTINUUM-1366] - surefire report shown is always latest, even with a different build number
  • [CONTINUUM-1394] - continuum should not record change sets when it is a new checkout
  • [CONTINUUM-1396] - Continuum should have a separate permission to administer schedules
  • [CONTINUUM-1409] - A build does not say which build definition it came from
  • [CONTINUUM-1422] - The icon for 'Cancel Build' is missing from the legend
  • [CONTINUUM-1424] - Ability to Cancel Build for a subset of a project group
  • [CONTINUUM-1425] - URL in Company Pom should open in a new Window
  • [CONTINUUM-1427] - Ability to choose the build definition for 'Build all projects' and 'Build Project(s)'
  • [CONTINUUM-1430] - Split forms for environment variables and Ant/Maven/JDK installations
  • [CONTINUUM-1440] - write documentation how to use continuum-data-management
  • [CONTINUUM-1443] - Add an 'Always build' checkbox in 'build definition'
  • [CONTINUUM-1444] - IRC and Jabber notifiers accept invalid ports.
  • [CONTINUUM-1446] - Webwork Performance Tuning
  • [CONTINUUM-1455] - In a project's working directory it would be nice to see a date and time...
  • [CONTINUUM-1478] - Place a "Check All / Check None" checkbox for projects

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-358] - User Authentication via LDAP
  • [CONTINUUM-605] - Add a RecipientSource that derives addresses from the change list
  • [CONTINUUM-1207] - Need to be able to define default build definition used when adding new project


  • [CONTINUUM-1386] - Some data management modules use always plexus-security dependencies instead of redback
  • [CONTINUUM-1447] - To fix /bin/bash issue on some platform, update plexus-utils to 1.4.6


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