Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1-beta-2 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-617] - javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Insert request failed
  • [CONTINUUM-666] - Added (Jabber) Notifiers didn't persist
  • [CONTINUUM-762] - GMAIL notifier don't work
  • [CONTINUUM-927] - Internal error deleting a used schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-971] - Symbolic links are traversed on deletion
  • [CONTINUUM-973] - Maven 1.x mail notifier not working, being removed after build.
  • [CONTINUUM-1079] - show "cancel build" as disabled, not "build now" a disabled when build is in progress, but user has insufficient permissions
  • [CONTINUUM-1211] - Mail notification sent for Succes even though it is configured for Error, Failure and Warning only
  • [CONTINUUM-1265] - NullPointerException when adding modules to a project group
  • [CONTINUUM-1301] - JDO delete failure
  • [CONTINUUM-1303] - working directory in database should be a relative path so that configuration changes take effect
  • [CONTINUUM-1304] - cannot un-set deployment repository directory in configuration page
  • [CONTINUUM-1305] - after adding a project to a group from the group page, you should be returned to the group page
  • [CONTINUUM-1310] - "cancel build" button no longer present when a build is in progress
  • [CONTINUUM-1346] - Error while parsing test results
  • [CONTINUUM-1354] - meta refresh causes build loop
  • [CONTINUUM-1356] - intermittent (machine wise) test failure on trunk
  • [CONTINUUM-1359] - Installations removed from a profile when "Save" is clicked.
  • [CONTINUUM-1361] - saving a profile is confusing
  • [CONTINUUM-1362] - add profile page should take you to the edit page to add installations afterwards
  • [CONTINUUM-1369] - Profile add button does not work in IE6
  • [CONTINUUM-1372] - NPE adding project group
  • [CONTINUUM-1373] - profile/installations pages must check users rights
  • [CONTINUUM-1374] - profile without jdk causes NPE in mail notification
  • [CONTINUUM-1375] - mail content is false regarding the profile/installations used in the build.
  • [CONTINUUM-1376] - Infernal gray dot is mocking me!
  • [CONTINUUM-1378] - Adding installations to profiles doesn't work in internet explorer, works in firefox
  • [CONTINUUM-1383] - "build queued" icons aren't showing up which is kind of confusing
  • [CONTINUUM-1385] - Foreign key konstraint violation
  • [CONTINUUM-1419] - Continuum does not accept a Linux file URL with a Bazaar repository.
  • [CONTINUUM-1437] - project filenames are limited to 256 characters


  • [CONTINUUM-419] - Can't click to see the latest build results from the main page
  • [CONTINUUM-980] - After deleting a project from a group, the UI flow should return to the group summary display.
  • [CONTINUUM-981] - "Remove" button on group actions is ambiguous and should be renamed "Delete Group" or "Remove Group".
  • [CONTINUUM-982] - "Project Group Actions" should be renamed "Group Actions" to avoid confusion.
  • [CONTINUUM-983] - There should be real "Group Actions" that affect members of the group, and can affect subsets of group members based on selection.
  • [CONTINUUM-1086] - First form element should have focus
  • [CONTINUUM-1104] - Allow user to choose multiple projects for deletion and delete in one step.
  • [CONTINUUM-1232] - Continuum should not steal window focus on page load
  • [CONTINUUM-1236] - Property in a notifier <address> element is not evaluated
  • [CONTINUUM-1243] - wording to explain no-build case
  • [CONTINUUM-1266] - Screen navigation should return to project view after adding a project to a group
  • [CONTINUUM-1349] - Improve "add project" screen flow
  • [CONTINUUM-1363] - create "automatic" profiles for each installation for simpler configuration by JDK, etc.
  • [CONTINUUM-1364] - should be able to configure MAVEN_OPTS for a Maven 2 installation
  • [CONTINUUM-1365] - unable to edit the name of an installation already created
  • [CONTINUUM-1368] - CLONE -Continuum doesn't work with MySQL

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-990] - Pass some continuum information to build tools when executing a build


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