Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1-beta-1 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-530] - HTML encode the build output
  • [CONTINUUM-691] - Build Numbers are obscured by the queuing/building icon
  • [CONTINUUM-706] - XML-RPC Server does not support addition of BuildDefinitions
  • [CONTINUUM-709] - Runtime error during recording in datanase
  • [CONTINUUM-723] - strange trouble on solaris
  • [CONTINUUM-817] - The generated output in the Working Copy page displays the wrong content
  • [CONTINUUM-821] - The Project.getBuildResults() method returns an empty list
  • [CONTINUUM-963] - Derby Database initialization error on Webapp restarts on Jetty
  • [CONTINUUM-1008] - Cannot remove a project
  • [CONTINUUM-1094] - Continuum does not build with Sun JDK 6
  • [CONTINUUM-1119] - Creating a Group with an existing id errors
  • [CONTINUUM-1191] - editProject: NoSuchMethodException:
  • [CONTINUUM-1194] - Project is stuck in the "Build in Progress" state if the associated exception has more than 8192 chars
  • [CONTINUUM-1226] - Second build definitions on a project is never triggered with CVS
  • [CONTINUUM-1228] - OgnlException while setting property 'projectGroupId' on redirect
  • [CONTINUUM-1235] - Continuum 1.1-SNAPSHOT fails to check out projects from CVS when kicking off the build
  • [CONTINUUM-1239] - After loss of network connectivity, build status remains in ERROR
  • [CONTINUUM-1241] - Schedule fails to start due to derby database column being too small
  • [CONTINUUM-1244] - project group name is not validated when left blank in Edit Project Group page, resulting to an error
  • [CONTINUUM-1281] - Cannot remove build definitions
  • [CONTINUUM-1308] - error moving projects to a new group
  • [CONTINUUM-1314] - NPE in - isInBuildingQueue
  • [CONTINUUM-1316] - Hitting 'Add' button repetitively in adding an Ant, Shell and Schedule using empty string only accumulates validation prompts in IE browser
  • [CONTINUUM-1320] - DefaultBuildController.makeAndStoreBuildResult cannot save build result due to maximum size of COMMAND_LINE
  • [CONTINUUM-1337] - NPE during profile creation
  • [CONTINUUM-1338] - field name in class org.apache.maven.continuum.model.scm is too small
  • [CONTINUUM-1339] - Deleting a project group does not delete related build output directories
  • [CONTINUUM-1340] - After adding a ant project to the default project group (default project group is not displayed)
  • [CONTINUUM-1341] - Adding a Maven 2 POM from secure SVN on a non-standard port does not work


New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-44] - multiple profiles
  • [CONTINUUM-614] - Enable auto-refresh for the build results page
  • [CONTINUUM-761] - Ability to delete results
  • [CONTINUUM-991] - Add meta refresh header to summary pages
  • [CONTINUUM-1178] - In Add New Maven 2 Project woudl like opportunity not to load modules
  • [CONTINUUM-1222] - usage of an alternative maven2-executable
  • [CONTINUUM-1291] - In a special configuration the report mail can contains false java version used for the build


  • [CONTINUUM-977] - Create web UI tests for "Add m1 & m2 projects" pages


  • [CONTINUUM-978] - add web ui tests for all pages related to schedules
  • [CONTINUUM-1223] - Ability to choose JVM (export JAVA_HOME) for different projects


  • [CONTINUUM-1224] - Ability to set MAVEN_OPTS for Maven2 build definitions
  • [CONTINUUM-1258] - Configure the possibility of resolving or not the search of build executables (maven, ant ...)

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