Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0.3 - HTML format



  • [CONTINUUM-321] - Maven 2 properties are ignored
  • [CONTINUUM-324] - State images have /continuum web context hardcoded in their URL
  • [CONTINUUM-371] - When logging in to Continuum, wrong user/password creates exception report. This can be improved.
  • [CONTINUUM-414] - velocity prevents display of date in cvs log
  • [CONTINUUM-449] - title bar says "Jabber" when creating an MSN notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-459] - ANT projects ask for POM and Goals when adding build definition
  • [CONTINUUM-461] - ${pom.artifactId} in the Scm Url is not translated when adding a new project via the web interface
  • [CONTINUUM-466] - Jabber notification sends message after every build, not after a build state change
  • [CONTINUUM-470] - Continuum ignoring m2 sendOn* settings
  • [CONTINUUM-472] - wrong UI for ant based projects
  • [CONTINUUM-488] - Continuum will not use mirrors or alternate repositories
  • [CONTINUUM-496] - End Time contains junk value when I forced a build to run
  • [CONTINUUM-507] - detect and repair svn problems by running svn cleanup
  • [CONTINUUM-510] - big year schedule > 2099 prevents continuum from startup
  • [CONTINUUM-519] - scheduler not calling scm's update command at scheduled time
  • [CONTINUUM-531] - Add back the "build now" button on the "view project" page.
  • [CONTINUUM-532] - Add ability to move from a particular build to the build list for a project.
  • [CONTINUUM-533] - Improve layout when the change set includes a commit message.
  • [CONTINUUM-535] - Trigger a build if change set doesn't contains only files with unknown status
  • [CONTINUUM-537] - Guests cannot see totals
  • [CONTINUUM-540] - Incorrect FAQ answer for "How does Continuum detect a successful build?"
  • [CONTINUUM-543] - please add reference to netbeans continuum integration from the the continuum site
  • [CONTINUUM-552] - Continuum does not read profiles.xml
  • [CONTINUUM-554] - Fix RUN_AS_USER feature for UNIX environments (linux, solaris,macos)
  • [CONTINUUM-555] - Continuum only executes default build-definition
  • [CONTINUUM-561] - Invalid data-stamp at build-result UI
  • [CONTINUUM-569] - Once CRON Expression Has Error, Server Never Startup
  • [CONTINUUM-571] - CVS checkout with :scm:cvs:ext: url fails
  • [CONTINUUM-576] - all builds stuck in "in progress/scheduled" state
  • [CONTINUUM-577] - Schedule Build Error
  • [CONTINUUM-578] - Continuum doesn't add new projects using effective POM
  • [CONTINUUM-584] - Continuum needs to set checkouts persistent
  • [CONTINUUM-587] - Cannot reference POM via http link with authentication
  • [CONTINUUM-590] - Fix settings loading
  • [CONTINUUM-591] - Password unset after editing user
  • [CONTINUUM-592] - Adding a Build Definition to a project throws an NPE
  • [CONTINUUM-595] - valid cron exprssions not allowed
  • [CONTINUUM-603] - Fix date parsing in changeset in buil result screen
  • [CONTINUUM-623] - No link to edit or delete notifiers
  • [CONTINUUM-624] - Trouble with edit Build Definitions (Delete link) (snapshot used 20060302.173000)
  • [CONTINUUM-626] - Unable to checkout source if scmurl has spaces at the end
  • [CONTINUUM-631] - summary column misalignment
  • [CONTINUUM-633] - pom aren't deployed to internal snapshot repository
  • [CONTINUUM-635] - Build status icons are incorrect
  • [CONTINUUM-637] - If two build definitions with same schedule, only first is executed
  • [CONTINUUM-638] - Module isn't executed if parent has no definition for this schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-642] - Error when retrieving list of projects through xmlrpc
  • [CONTINUUM-644] - ConcurrentModificationException when having 2 maven-1 projects that use multiproject builds.
  • [CONTINUUM-648] - IOException when user try to add a project with an url that contiains "*" like "*checkout*/trunk/pom.xml?root=plexus"
  • [CONTINUUM-651] - DefaultContinuumScm.getScmRepository should not set project scm username/password if they are the empty string
  • [CONTINUUM-653] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  • [CONTINUUM-657] - rogue CI instance eating lots of CPU
  • [CONTINUUM-1000] - NullPointerException in maven 2 builder on build failure


  • [CONTINUUM-420] - Can't go directly to the "Builds" screen to view build history when at a results page
  • [CONTINUUM-506] - Fix typos and formatting in site docs and add faq entry about changing ports
  • [CONTINUUM-527] - Getting Started Documentation omits JAVA_HOME requirement
  • [CONTINUUM-567] - A build must be launched if we have changes since last build (for same build definition) and not only if we have detected changes when we run scm update commad
  • [CONTINUUM-589] - Configure JPOX to use a database pool
  • [CONTINUUM-609] - Continuum deployment repository
  • [CONTINUUM-610] - Add section about building recursively from parent to FAQ and provide more information on adding shell projects
  • [CONTINUUM-615] - Add maven.scm.starteam.deleteLocal=true to DefaultContinuumScm
  • [CONTINUUM-627] - Add a section on installing Continuum as a service
  • [CONTINUUM-629] - disable icons instead of hiding them
  • [CONTINUUM-630] - keep previous state in left most column on summary, even when build is queued
  • [CONTINUUM-636] - Multiple build definitions pr project makes no sense
  • [CONTINUUM-647] - The Changes section in the Build result screen gets distorted if information in $changeSet is not set the same.
  • [CONTINUUM-655] - Add chkconfig support to the starting script

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-322] - Add the possibiliy to be notify after all build
  • [CONTINUUM-455] - Parameters in SCM Urls
  • [CONTINUUM-457] - make a light weight continuum model
  • [CONTINUUM-469] - Allow build output to be downloaded as text
  • [CONTINUUM-544] - there is no xmlrpc client code for contacting the server.
  • [CONTINUUM-545] - allow xmlrpc access to build results log
  • [CONTINUUM-601] - Add a servlet for downloading files project as text (without html decoration)
  • [CONTINUUM-611] - as well as Start Time and End Time; show a column displaying how long ago - relative to the system time - the build took place


  • [CONTINUUM-514] - Consistency in layout of Continuum download page to the Maven 2.0 download page
  • [CONTINUUM-534] - Release Continunum 1.0.3
  • [CONTINUUM-585] - Document how to call rpcclient from post-commit hook to trigger build.
  • [CONTINUUM-586] - consider upgrades to JDO api JAR, jpox
  • [CONTINUUM-602] - Integrate new Continuum CSS
  • [CONTINUUM-632] - additional images should be cleaned up


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