Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-beta-1 - HTML format



  • [CONTINUUM-315] - Checkout/update impossible with empty cvs password
  • [CONTINUUM-316] - Build numbers are always 0
  • [CONTINUUM-318] - Maven 2 build fails with a derby jdbc truncation error on a long scm connection string
  • [CONTINUUM-320] - Trouble with bad entry in the cron's expression of a new schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-323] - Project Summary with maven1 project doesn't display dependencies and developers
  • [CONTINUUM-328] - Cannot build continuum from scratch

New Feature


  • [CONTINUUM-93] - setup a public demo site
  • [CONTINUUM-325] - Refactor configurationService tor store conf in database instead of configuration.xml


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