Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0.1 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-367] - error when calling getprojects() through xml-rpc
  • [CONTINUUM-370] - cvs tag ignored
  • [CONTINUUM-373] - Checkout from CVS does not work (Windows XP client + pserver + CVSNT 2.5.02 Build 2064)
  • [CONTINUUM-374] - TYPO: Deleting a schedule displays "Are you sure you want to delete this project?"
  • [CONTINUUM-375] - Editing a schedule disables it
  • [CONTINUUM-376] - TYPO: Enabled / Disabled the schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-382] - Build Definition settings are either misleading or wrong
  • [CONTINUUM-387] - project group description isn't the same than project description in database
  • [CONTINUUM-389] - FileNotFoundException occur when scm command fail
  • [CONTINUUM-390] - Scm password field must be an html password field and not a text field in edit project view
  • [CONTINUUM-391] - cvs and svn command doesn't work correctly when user modify project properties
  • [CONTINUUM-392] - url of cron expression syntax is visible only when user create a bad expression
  • [CONTINUUM-393] - continuum shutdown when project contains an irc notifier and can't access to irc server
  • [CONTINUUM-394] - encrypt password for svn repository in webview and in log file
  • [CONTINUUM-395] - Scm Url has to be reentered in Scm branch/tag base field
  • [CONTINUUM-399] - trying to build in project after a version has been checked out fails
  • [CONTINUUM-402] - cannot change email notifications for a user
  • [CONTINUUM-403] - cvs update with empty r argument generate error
  • [CONTINUUM-405] - no infrmation why build ended with error
  • [CONTINUUM-413] - build reported as successful on win xp even when maven 1 build fails
  • [CONTINUUM-428] - when a schedule is disabled or deleted, it continue to run until I restart continuum
  • [CONTINUUM-437] - Maven 2 parent project with <modules/> cannot be build if parent is on same level as modules
  • [CONTINUUM-442] - overwrites PLEXUS_OPTS, doesn't delegate processes
  • [CONTINUUM-443] - Jabber and MSN not working in latest CI build


  • [CONTINUUM-386] - Add ssl support in jabber notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-388] - Add report url in mail
  • [CONTINUUM-400] - Empty error message in provider email when svn not properly installed.
  • [CONTINUUM-407] - screen after adding/removing a build definition or notifier should be the project View page
  • [CONTINUUM-423] - In the delete project page mention the project's name
  • [CONTINUUM-425] - Explain that uploading a POM file works only for a single project without modules
  • [CONTINUUM-430] - build failure emails should ideally include a URL link so we can click on the failed build and see the details
  • [CONTINUUM-439] - Change scope on get<Type> methods in AbstractContinuumAction
  • [CONTINUUM-444] - link build number to last build on front page, as per original design

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-365] - add shell command execution
  • [CONTINUUM-421] - Jabber notifier doens't support a domain name different of host name


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