Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-alpha-4 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-295] - Update modello file for jdo generation and remove continuum-store project
  • [CONTINUUM-296] - Create a macro updater


  • [CONTINUUM-66] - m2 install should work for continuum-plexus-application
  • [CONTINUUM-171] - exception in failed checkout is not helpful
  • [CONTINUUM-223] - URL validator doesn't accept url http://myserver/mypath
  • [CONTINUUM-231] - Spaces in PATH env variable stop plexus.bat from running
  • [CONTINUUM-237] - Cannot add m1 project, Missing 'groupId'
  • [CONTINUUM-239] - GetStart guide tell the wrong instruction to run the server
  • [CONTINUUM-240] - Absolute links bypass mod_proxy
  • [CONTINUUM-241] - Added notifiers from web interface are removed after a new build
  • [CONTINUUM-246] - "Missing 'scm' element in the POM" after a restart
  • [CONTINUUM-252] - Can't delete a notifier define in the pom
  • [CONTINUUM-258] - https:// doesn't seem to be a supported mechanism for referencing a pom
  • [CONTINUUM-259] - Fix url validation
  • [CONTINUUM-260] - Impossible to create a project with link "Upload M2 Project"
  • [CONTINUUM-267] - SizeLimitExceededException on upload M1 project file
  • [CONTINUUM-270] - queueing a project twice will cause notifiers to fail
  • [CONTINUUM-293] - no output in the mail notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-301] - Email notifications list wrong building machine
  • [CONTINUUM-303] - property 'plexus.system.path' is being set to empty and results in maven, m2 and ant executables to be unresolved
  • [CONTINUUM-308] - continuum-web doesn't work due to plexus-summit beta-6
  • [CONTINUUM-312] - M1 build adds a new BuildDefinition
  • [CONTINUUM-313] - Cancel button for Add Ant Project, Add Shell Project, and Schedules is not working


  • [CONTINUUM-27] - Display the type of the component that was built
  • [CONTINUUM-154] - set expiry on pages
  • [CONTINUUM-186] - Can't set password in SCM url and neither a field is available for it
  • [CONTINUUM-187] - Add yahoo messenger notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-190] - Improve validation of POM when importing either by URL/Upload
  • [CONTINUUM-196] - Allow file:// urls when adding POMs but default it being off
  • [CONTINUUM-197] - Improve the start page of the web application
  • [CONTINUUM-200] - Employ cascading delete for project builds
  • [CONTINUUM-208] - If an SCM command fails it would be useful to see the command that caused the failure
  • [CONTINUUM-211] - Improve error message when ScmUpdate fails
  • [CONTINUUM-220] - Remove the jpox enhancer deps from the generated runtime
  • [CONTINUUM-224] - Add artifactId to ContinuumProject for build order sorting
  • [CONTINUUM-230] - Continuum should provide a useful URL when it notifies.
  • [CONTINUUM-234] - Remove ContinuumBuild.succesful
  • [CONTINUUM-235] - Collapse standardError and standardOutput to "output"
  • [CONTINUUM-242] - Write the build output to disk instead of keeping it in the database
  • [CONTINUUM-251] - Add a "Return to Notifiers" button in notifier view
  • [CONTINUUM-255] - Continuum must stream the build output directly to disk instead of storing it in memory
  • [CONTINUUM-287] - use updated design for project summary
  • [CONTINUUM-307] - Continuum build documentation does not describe how to create distribution package

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