Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-alpha-3 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-144] - Don't display button while a project is checking out/updating/building
  • [CONTINUUM-146] - The status on the view page is showing incorrectly
  • [CONTINUUM-148] - Allow file:// urls when adding POMs
  • [CONTINUUM-160] - results with building state
  • [CONTINUUM-161] - results page has a large checkout exception pane that is always empty
  • [CONTINUUM-162] - missing software does not give a helpful error message
  • [CONTINUUM-163] - results from status should go to latest result
  • [CONTINUUM-164] - disable build button when in building state
  • [CONTINUUM-165] - goal null after editing a project
  • [CONTINUUM-168] - project that fails to checkout never will
  • [CONTINUUM-170] - project can get stuck in the updating state
  • [CONTINUUM-173] - plexus.bat doesn't start Continuum on Windows XP
  • [CONTINUUM-182] - Correct generation of JDO metadata so that it uses application indentity
  • [CONTINUUM-191] - When building make sure the project is checked out
  • [CONTINUUM-192] - Do not send mail if there aren't any recipients
  • [CONTINUUM-194] - Build of M2 project freezes with M2-alpha 3
  • [CONTINUUM-199] - If you enter an m1 POM in the m2 entry screen it just silenty fails and returns to the summary screen.
  • [CONTINUUM-218] - Problems while creating projects from metadata are stored in results and not processed


  • [CONTINUUM-4] - The mail notifiers should be able to send both plain and html mails.
  • [CONTINUUM-53] - Enhance all Continuum components to use the plexus @component tags
  • [CONTINUUM-89] - Get rid of the use of configurations (properties) in the type specific project subclasses
  • [CONTINUUM-118] - Update the JSW integration in the plexus runtime for Continuum
  • [CONTINUUM-131] - Make the actions available at the bottom of the summary configurable
  • [CONTINUUM-147] - Show the status on the results page
  • [CONTINUUM-155] - add file upload entry for poms
  • [CONTINUUM-157] - support shell script inside checkout
  • [CONTINUUM-158] - shell and ant scripts should not be configurable by the web interface
  • [CONTINUUM-159] - results not shown in building state, even if there were previous results
  • [CONTINUUM-174] - Improve mail notification when errors occure
  • [CONTINUUM-177] - Include samples of configuration elements in the documenteation
  • [CONTINUUM-181] - Store should only deal in terms of model entities
  • [CONTINUUM-217] - The m1 builder cannot deal with POMs with <extend/> elements so don't allow them.

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-5] - Add Jabber notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-21] - When there are test failures provide a link to the test output
  • [CONTINUUM-116] - Model change - Add developer information to the Continuum project
  • [CONTINUUM-134] - Model change - Add URL for the project so it can be displayed in the view of the project.
  • [CONTINUUM-138] - Model change - Add group information at the ContinuumProject level
  • [CONTINUUM-167] - Show the total number of success projects
  • [CONTINUUM-184] - Add MSN notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-185] - Add IRC notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-198] - Ability to pass a settings.xml file as a argument to the m2 cli


  • [CONTINUUM-114] - Investigate cascading delete with JPOX 1.1
  • [CONTINUUM-135] - Look at using blissed for the status transitions
  • [CONTINUUM-141] - Model change - Add fields to model that will allow the configuration of test output and test type
  • [CONTINUUM-178] - Take a first step at decomposing continuum's activities into actions
  • [CONTINUUM-179] - Update m2 project builder to incorporate changes in the ContinuumProject model
  • [CONTINUUM-180] - Remove the project state guard from the internals
  • [CONTINUUM-188] - Update notification in plexus according to proposal
  • [CONTINUUM-189] - Move org.apache.maven.continuum.notification out of continuum-core
  • [CONTINUUM-195] - Make sure continuum is working correctly with mod_proxy/mod_rewrite
  • [CONTINUUM-205] - Document the use of Continuum behind Apache using mod_proxy
  • [CONTINUUM-206] - Document the use of Continuum behind Apache using mod_proxy
  • [CONTINUUM-207] - Continuum should be in sync with the version of m2 used by the CI machine


  • [CONTINUUM-33] - Send build failure notification to an irc server and channel

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