Release Notes - Maven SCM (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [SCM-401] - Fix parseHostAndPort() for Bazaar too


  • [SCM-314] - BazaarScmProviderRepository doesn't work with file URL on Windows
  • [SCM-320] - svn: error: cannot set LC_ALL locale
  • [SCM-321] - bootstrap does duplicate checkout
  • [SCM-323] - generateReleasePoms fails after first release:prepare
  • [SCM-331] - bug found in StarteamUpdateCommand when doing a delete-local when a (view)label is used
  • [SCM-334] - Faulty svn commandline is generated for passwords containing special chars
  • [SCM-338] - NullPointerException when using -DvssDirectory to set ss.exe path
  • [SCM-341] - tag is not required for an scm:tag operation
  • [SCM-351] - generated client spec name fails if there is a space or tilde in directory name
  • [SCM-355] - CVS provider with SSPI transport does not support port number in url
  • [SCM-356] - clearcase implementation does not allow id of more than 8 characters.
  • [SCM-364] - NPE in StarteamChangeLogCommand
  • [SCM-374] - maven-scm-providers-git is missing some testdata
  • [SCM-379] - SCM URL with query transformed incorrectly on release:prepare
  • [SCM-380] - CvsStatusConsumer cannot be used for CvsJavaListCommand and CvsExeListCommand
  • [SCM-382] - cleanup dependencies in maven-scm-provider-accurev
  • [SCM-385] - AbstractCvsChangeLogCommand create a wrong command for case when startVersion == endVersion
  • [SCM-386] - SCM plugin fails on "bootstrap" goal when shell environment has functions definitions
  • [SCM-387] - CvsScmProviderRepository returns wrong CVSROOT for local repository
  • [SCM-391] - urls without subfolders were not parsed correctly.
  • [SCM-394] - git provider tests in trunk are locale aware
  • [SCM-402] - scm:checkin doesn't work on OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • [SCM-405] - 'cvs' and 'svnadmin' tools are requirements to run tests


  • [SCM-322] - SCM plug-in should tell at what revision the source is when it finishes
  • [SCM-348] - missing scm:bootstrap in overview
  • [SCM-354] - [Patch] Allow attaching a Job to the Perforce changlist on check-in
  • [SCM-359] - scm:update goals link not working (update) on Overview -> Introduction
  • [SCM-368] - Windows path length limitations can be overcome by feeding an absolute path to SVN
  • [SCM-370] - generated client spec contains backslashes leading die problems on unix os
  • [SCM-390] - scm:branch gives misleading error when branch name parameter is missing
  • [SCM-395] - Add a field in the git setting to be able to commit with the option --no-verify
  • [SCM-397] - maven-scm-client should be a standalone app

New Feature

  • [SCM-71] - Implement accurev provider
  • [SCM-182] - git provider
  • [SCM-393] - Add option to pass in a list of profiles to scm:bootstrap
  • [SCM-396] - git provider implements scm update
  • [SCM-400] - add a POM that includes the standard providers as a set of dependencies


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