Release Notes - Maven SCM (moved to ASF) - Version 1.x - HTML format


  • [SCM-508] - Wrong scm url validation for mercurial provider
  • [SCM-651] - HgChangeLogCommand ignores ScmBranch
  • [SCM-707] - Maven SCM should encode username and password in URL


  • [SCM-434] - Allow SVN provider to pick addition system properties per command to issue extra param like --force, etc
  • [SCM-465] - implement AddCommandTck TCK base class in maven-scm-test
  • [SCM-506] - Read scmVersion directly from pom
  • [SCM-762] - Validate ScmFileSet's external filelist agrument

New Feature

  • [SCM-276] - New SCM Provider: monotone
  • [SCM-318] - Allow tags to be removed


  • [SCM-18] - complete commands and expose through ScmManager


  • [SCM-17] - test structure needs further clean up


  • [SCM-457] - force update option
  • [SCM-486] - Support signed tags for git when releasing

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