Release Notes - Maven SCM (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [SCM-319] - Maven Mercurial SCM Provider is missing "tag" command


  • [SCM-209] - Specifying working directory for Runtime.exec() on linux has no effect
  • [SCM-299] - missing developerConnectionUrl parameter causes missing connectionUrl error message
  • [SCM-300] - CVS doesn't close it's session after checkout
  • [SCM-301] - perforce cannot be used with continuum
  • [SCM-302] - NPE in clearcase checkout command if version is null
  • [SCM-305] - release:perform fails on linux
  • [SCM-311] - Can not supply user date format for ChangeLog Mojo on command line
  • [SCM-312] - SvnCheckInConsumer does not support checking in removed files
  • [SCM-315] - Svn commit fails due to large number of poms on windows
  • [SCM-316] - Fix change logs parsing when the scm url ends with a trailing slash


  • [SCM-303] - Unable to change maven.scm.provider.cvs.implementation from Maven POM/Settings
  • [SCM-304] - CVS java implementation should work on Windows. should create .cvspass
  • [SCM-307] - Svn provider- file protocol with 3 slashes
  • [SCM-308] - SVN provider doesn't understand 'F' and 'E' files status
  • [SCM-310] - Aggregator in mojos

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