Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0.4 - HTML format


  • [MNG-4792] - Preemptive authentication doesn't work
  • [MNG-5064] - mvn -nsu (--no-snapshot-updates) should not download snapshots (and break local builds)
  • [MNG-5096] - <exclusion> on <dependency> with <type>test-jar</type> doesn't work in maven 3
  • [MNG-5113] - NullPointerException on javadoc site generation
  • [MNG-5121] - maven seems to lose transitive dependencies from the list of compilation dependencies
  • [MNG-5125] - Regression: mvn 3.0.3 is extreemly slow with a large number of dependencies
  • [MNG-5131] - Wrong encoding for encrypted passwords
  • [MNG-5135] - Regression: in some cases aggregator mojo is unable to resolve dependencies with custom packaging
  • [MNG-5137] - Reactor resolution does not work for forked multi module builds
  • [MNG-5149] - DefaultArtifactRepositoryFactory.createArtifactRepository overload w/ layoutId passes wrong (repo) id
  • [MNG-5153] - ModelMerger omits relativ path
  • [MNG-5155] - 'inherited' flag of report sets ignored.
  • [MNG-5157] - NPE stemming from DefaultModelBuilder.containsCoordinates
  • [MNG-5163] - MavenProject.getPluginRepositories misimplemented
  • [MNG-5164] - Odd <name> of central in superpom
  • [MNG-5165] - Problem with scp transport (wagon-maven-plugin 1.0-beta-3, Maven 2.2.1, Ubuntu 11.04)
  • [MNG-5192] - prevent ConcurrentModificationException in parallel mode -Tx when project have errors
  • [MNG-5221] - Default version of m-site-p does not work (no reports)
  • [MNG-5224] - REGRESSION: Injected Settings in a Mojo are missing the profiles from settings.xml
  • [MNG-5225] - The default version of the maven-site-plugin as defined in the site-lifecycle must be 3.x


  • [MNG-4112] - Set property containing the currently executing maven version.
  • [MNG-5073] -,ProjectBuildingRequest) returns null project if dependency version info is missing
  • [MNG-5076] - Improve SEO of documentation of lifecycle.xml
  • [MNG-5119] - improve site organization of core components
  • [MNG-5134] - Standard documentation for build-in properties
  • [MNG-5141] - Make MojoExecutor.ensureDependenciesAreResolved public
  • [MNG-5151] - use CNAME or repo to provide more stability
  • [MNG-5152] - upgrade wagon to the final 1.0 version
  • [MNG-5158] - Make loading of extensions from lib/ext more robust with regard to existence of ext directory
  • [MNG-5159] - Extend validation of settings.xml to check for uniqueness of id elements
  • [MNG-5175] - replace wagon http lightweight with wagon http 2.1
  • [MNG-5200] - upgrade plugin versions in super pom
  • [MNG-5201] - upgrade aether to 1.13 and sisu to 2.3.0



  • [MNG-5114] - Handling unrecognized version qualifiers


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