Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0.3 - HTML format


  • [MNG-2258] - Wrong execution order of plugins in same phase
  • [MNG-4551] - List parameter in a mojo has strange behaviour
  • [MNG-4956] - Cygwin mvn script modifies CLASSPATH environment variable
  • [MNG-4962] - MavenProject.getParent fails to build when parent POM, in reactor, references BOM also in reactor
  • [MNG-4963] - [regression] Parent POM not downloaded when settings define global mirror and one snapshot repo but no other release repository
  • [MNG-4973] - [regression] Build extensions are invisible to plugins in multi module build
  • [MNG-4975] - [regression] plugin executions injected from profile run before instead of after existing executions in the POM
  • [MNG-4982] - [regression] Cycle between transitive dependencies causes bad effective dependency scope
  • [MNG-4987] - [regression] LATEST, RELEASE or SNAPSHOT version picked from wrong repository when resolution order does not match timestamp order
  • [MNG-4990] - RepositorySystem#resolve(request) uses two different local repositories
  • [MNG-4991] - LegacyRepositorySystem#injectProxy(repositories, proxies) doesn't evaluate non-proxy hosts
  • [MNG-5000] - [regression] child not correct in a flat directory layout when child's artifactId doesn't match its module name
  • [MNG-5003] - MavenPluginManager serves m2e partially initialized mojo descriptors in some cases
  • [MNG-5005] - bin/mvn contains platform specific echo when on Mac OSX and JAVA_VERSION envvar is set
  • [MNG-5006] - [regression] Resolution of parent POMs for dependency using version range does not consider all configured repositories
  • [MNG-5009] - StackOverflowError in when <module> points at current aggregator POM
  • [MNG-5014] - [regression] MavenProject.getParent().isExecutionRoot() not properly set
  • [MNG-5019] - [regression] String-based component lookups performed by report mojos fail with ClassCastException
  • [MNG-5023] - Wrong calculation of Build Total time


  • [MNG-3575] - Allow hexadecimal parameters
  • [MNG-4971] - Display maven home in version info
  • [MNG-4984] - Simplify drop in of 3rd party extensions for Maven core
  • [MNG-4988] - API to calculate execution plan without full mojo execution configuration
  • [MNG-4992] - Allow to configure plugin parameters of type java.util.Properties just like a map
  • [MNG-5011] - Allow to configure array/collection type plugin parameters via system properties
  • [MNG-5012] - Allow to configure array-typed plugin parameters from expressions yielding collections and vice versa
  • [MNG-5013] - Allow to condense configuration of plugin parameter beans that commonly require only one value
  • [MNG-5020] - JAVA_HOME auto discovery
  • [MNG-5028] - Obey generics in plugin collection parameters when populating them
  • [MNG-5033] - Allow to inline collection/array items within plugin configuration


  • [MNG-5024] - Update default plugin versions

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