Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0-beta-3 - HTML format


  • [MNG-2686] - POM dependency scope auto-downgrades from provided to test
  • [MNG-4309] - Checksum validation doesn't fail the build for repository metadata files
  • [MNG-4490] - Inconsistent handling of POMs
  • [MNG-4690] - Transitive dependency lost when included another dependency
  • [MNG-4745] - [regression] Maven does not check for plugin updates, even if forced via -U
  • [MNG-4755] - Version ranges cannot be resolved against mirror if a local artifact is present
  • [MNG-4761] - Plugin-level dependency scope causes some plugin classpaths to be incorrect
  • [MNG-4765] - Failing to determine java version for profile....
  • [MNG-4767] - Regression in parsing command-line arguments including variables
  • [MNG-4768] - Depending on declaration order, nearest matching version does not win when version range is involved in conflict
  • [MNG-4769] - Regression: <enabled> flag for central cannot be overriden
  • [MNG-4771] - [regression] Plugin prefix resolution ignores enabled flags on repository
  • [MNG-4772] - [regression] Plugin version resolution ignores enabled flags on repository
  • [MNG-4773] - Stack trace printed from MavenProject.getParent
  • [MNG-4775] - Outdated NOTICE.txt
  • [MNG-4776] - NPE during build from parent but not from child
  • [MNG-4779] - NullPointerException thrown during dependency resolution when dependency with range occurs more than once in the dirty tree
  • [MNG-4781] - Can't deploy to Nexus staging repository


  • [MNG-4749] - Move from Plexus to Guice as IoC container
  • [MNG-4782] - Automatically dump stack trace in case of internal Maven error

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