Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0.1 - HTML format


  • [MNG-4850] - [regression] several elements of server configuration in settings.xml are not honoured
  • [MNG-4858] - NullPointerException if goal name is malformed
  • [MNG-4864] - npe when transferring artifacts
  • [MNG-4866] - DefaultLegacySupport leaks MavenSession instances in some cases
  • [MNG-4867] - incorrect namespace in settings.xml
  • [MNG-4874] - The <latestVersion> value isn't updated for local installs
  • [MNG-4877] - Regression: Deploy to SCP with privateKey fails - privateKey and passphrase gets lost
  • [MNG-4883] - [regression] Dependency resolution does not fail for artifact with over-constrained version ranges
  • [MNG-4884] - Guice provision errors
  • [MNG-4892] - Use of --log-file doesn't capture all output, e.g. from maven-antrun-plugin
  • [MNG-4895] - Plugins depending on 3rd party JARs that contain the Maven API can't be configured/run due to type incompatibilities
  • [MNG-4900] - "Unresolveable build extension" when using shade plugin and repositories in profile


  • [MNG-4860] - Allow management of project building request kept inside MavenProject instances
  • [MNG-4891] - Improve robustness of snapshot dependency resolution in case a remote repo accidently uses the id "local"
  • [MNG-4896] - Help for -pl option does not include use of comma-sep, also more than one -pl does not work or complain
  • [MNG-4904] - Make MavenExecutionResult.getTopologicallySortedProjects() return empty list instead of null
  • [MNG-4907] - Wrong error message when relativePath wrong
  • [MNG-4909] - Emit warning when dependency with scope import but inproper type is declared
  • [MNG-4910] - Use BeanConfigurator for configuration sub-elements


  • [MNG-4902] - Update default plugin versions
  • [MNG-4903] - Update to Wagon 1.0-beta-7

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