Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0-beta-1 - HTML format


  • [MNG-1751] - merging metadata doesn't fail when timestamp is in the future
  • [MNG-2103] - Inheritance of <plugin> overrides that of <execution>
  • [MNG-2222] - dependency to dependency without source code fails
  • [MNG-2276] - profile activation by property doesn't work with properties defined in settings.
  • [MNG-2994] - Snapshot repositories are not checked when using ranges
  • [MNG-3133] - DefaultModelInheritence::appendPath assumes it is operating on interpolated/literal paths
  • [MNG-3470] - Build does not fail on corrupted POM even with checksumPolicy=fail
  • [MNG-3477] - Authentication failures on dependency download aren't reported
  • [MNG-3529] - mvn -Da=" " throws an excepltion
  • [MNG-3616] - Null Pointer Exception when mirrorOf missing from mirror in settings.xml
  • [MNG-3700] - ModelUtils.clone doesn't clone plugin entries where inherited == false
  • [MNG-4022] - Incorrect merge behavior using profile driven plugin configuration
  • [MNG-4326] - Maven should not check snapshot repositories for dependencies in the reactor
  • [MNG-4418] - Dependency resolution appears to misbehave if a remote repository uses the id "local"
  • [MNG-4453] - [regression] Plugin versions defined in a lifecycle mapping are not respected
  • [MNG-4555] - mvn archetype:generate -o (offline) still results in a "checking updates from central"
  • [MNG-4580] - Plugin dependencies for module ignored when building from aggregator project using direct plugin invocation
  • [MNG-4586] - Plugin prefix can't be resolved from plugin management if management entry is missing plugin version
  • [MNG-4590] - [regression] System properties are no longer interpolated in imported POMs
  • [MNG-4600] - [regression] Optional flag from dependency management applied to dependencies
  • [MNG-4618] - maven-javadoc-plugin aggregate-jar fails with maven3 and multiple modules
  • [MNG-4625] - Interpolation of settings.xml fails if an expression's value contains XML markup
  • [MNG-4629] - [regression] POM validation fails upon non-existing system-scope dependency
  • [MNG-4632] - Class loading is not thread-safe
  • [MNG-4872] - Dependency exclusions not always honored for dependencies with classifier


  • [MNG-1701] - Validate that a plugin is not configured twice in the pom
  • [MNG-2187] - Improve error message when the pom is encoded in the wrong charset
  • [MNG-2741] - [regression] Meaningless error message: "Error transferring file"
  • [MNG-3004] - Allow build lifecycle to execute projects in parallel
  • [MNG-3779] - Improve error message when trying to execute mojo with no pom.xml
  • [MNG-4162] - Removal of all reporting logic from the core of Maven
  • [MNG-4194] - API to safely release of plugin realms
  • [MNG-4591] - Enhance the download rate output to include downloaded file name
  • [MNG-4610] - Bump maven-release-plugin to v2.0 in super POM
  • [MNG-4619] - Issue warning in case parent.relativePath points at POM with different groupId/artifactId
  • [MNG-4623] - model parsing errors can be less helpful in Maven 3
  • [MNG-4628] - ReactorArtifactRepository is not setup soon enough for AbstractMavenLifecycleParticipant#afterProjectsRead
  • [MNG-4634] - Allow custom lifecycles


  • [MNG-3917] - Complete the POM construction tests which will be the validation for the specification

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