Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version Documentation Deficit - HTML format


  • [MNG-1348] - includes on resource tag not documented as being a list
  • [MNG-2769] - Use of POM namespace is confused and confusing in both the code and the documentation
  • [MNG-2783] - Maven Guide to EARs describes WAR projects
  • [MNG-2788] - Anchor tags on POM amd Settings reference pages are broken in Firefox
  • [MNG-2953] - Wrong link on
  • [MNG-2983] - Wrong anchors on guide web pages
  • [MNG-3074] - Anchor links in several documentations do not work
  • [MNG-3209] - Mistake in Guide to Attaced-Tests
  • [MNG-3257] - Intro to the POM Example 3 - nonsense explanation
  • [MNG-3562] - Need documentation of command-line flags


  • [MNG-1500] - document the running of a single test or group of tests using the -Dtest=FooTest option
  • [MNG-1563] - how to write integration tests
  • [MNG-1582] - Add how to convert pregoals and postgoals to lifecycle to the m1-m2 guide
  • [MNG-2540] - M2 website : move content of "Examples" link to "Guides" link.
  • [MNG-2947] - Deploy 3rd party source jar
  • [MNG-2954] - Docu incomplete: "Guide to uploading artifacts to the Central Repository": Jira project not specified, Attachment usage unclear
  • [MNG-2964] - Need documentation about Maven2 logging
  • [MNG-2997] - Dependency mechanism page should describe the 'optional' element
  • [MNG-3113] - Slight typo in 'Guide to Creating Archtypes'
  • [MNG-3214] - Coping with SUN JARs
  • [MNG-3218] - Plugin Documentation Update
  • [MNG-3255] - Documentation for checking out and build should warn abour long path names on Windows
  • [MNG-3369] - Improve documentation for AbstractMavenReport.getOutputDirectory()
  • [MNG-3502] - Reword description of "provided" scope

New Feature

  • [MNG-3064] - "Building For Different Environments with Maven 2" in APT-format


  • [MNG-1140] - document how other common directory layouts could be used within/migrated to m2
  • [MNG-1381] - best practices: testing strategies
  • [MNG-2165] - Provide links to release notes on download page, navigation, and README.txt in binaries
  • [MNG-2337] - XSLT for converting Maven1 project.xml to Maven2 pom.xml
  • [MNG-2384] - document how plugin classloaders work
  • [MNG-2392] - document <relativePath/>
  • [MNG-2411] - Mistake in guide-building-m2.html
  • [MNG-2561] - cookbook example: adding build time to a manifest
  • [MNG-3165] - Publish the reference docs for 2.0.7


  • [MNG-2170] - Packaged Maven Documentation for Download
  • [MNG-2556] - downloadable docs

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