Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 2.2.1 - HTML format


  • [MNG-3265] - maven-model Extension.equals causes NPE when any field is uninitialized
  • [MNG-3506] - Custom ArtifactHandler not resolved for project when an additional plugin with extensions is defined in parent pom
  • [MNG-3753] - ArtifactResolverDiagnoser.diagnose() fails with NPE if nested IOException has no detail message
  • [MNG-4189] - Maven not picking up specific timestamped version dependency when a later timestamped version was downloaded and already present in the local repository
  • [MNG-4218] - NPE in AbstractArtifactResolutionException if DefaultArtifactResolver.resolveTransitively is interrupted
  • [MNG-4228] - [regression] Authorization failed: Not authorized by proxy.
  • [MNG-4235] - [regression] Maven 2.2.0 produces invalid checksums during deployment to secured HTTP repo
  • [MNG-4236] - [regression] http wagon uploads files twice with Maven 2.2.0 when preemptive auth is disabled (default setting)
  • [MNG-4238] - Custom ArtifactHandler provided by build extension isn't used for project artifact
  • [MNG-4270] - ArtifactHandler, LifecycleMapping from plugin dependency is not used when plugin extensions are enabled
  • [MNG-4275] - [regression] Direct relocations no longer log at WARNING level : MNG-3380 conflicts with MNG-1689


  • [MNG-464] - confusing error reported when using a non writable local directory
  • [MNG-2902] - long build startup times due to frequent network access for SNAPSHOT resolving
  • [MNG-4254] - Support selection of wagon implementation for a particular protocol
  • [MNG-4279] - wagon provider selection should fail gracefully and use protocol for roleHint if protocol-provider roleHint isn't available.


  • [MNG-4290] - Update guide-http-settings to reflect the fact that sun-based http has been restored as the default for the http/s wagons.

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