Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0.7 - HTML format


  • [MNG-1142] - restriction of [1.6,) and [1.5,1.6.2) in that order results in 1.6.2 instead of 1.6.1
  • [MNG-1849] - maven-model Extension.hashCode() throws NPE if groupId or artifactId is null
  • [MNG-2068] - Multiple inheritance fails to find "grand" parent in ../../pom.xml when the groupIds differ (Test Case Attached)
  • [MNG-2247] - Release-Dates of maven releases not documented on website?
  • [MNG-2267] - Introduction to Repositories contains incorrect information
  • [MNG-2318] - When a project has modules and its parent is not preinstalled the build fails
  • [MNG-2635] - DefaultArtifactCollector.recurse can lose versionRange
  • [MNG-2662] - SettingsBuilder internally converts network paths to local paths and is therefore preventing the use of network profiles
  • [MNG-2687] - Module paths may be too long on Windows
  • [MNG-2689] - <type>ejb-client</type> dependency not working properly as reactor build
  • [MNG-2784] - Multiple executions of the same plugin at the same life cycle phase in a multi-module profile mixed up
  • [MNG-2831] - Cannot add custom artifact handler and custom lifecycle as a build extension
  • [MNG-2860] - Empty <module></module> entry causes OutOfMemoryError
  • [MNG-2880] - error message for artifacts with classifiers doesn't instruct user to install with classier
  • [MNG-2905] - JIRA URL is wrong on the site
  • [MNG-2919] - Scope defined in dependencyManagement section of parent pom overwrites scope of current artifact
  • [MNG-2921] - ejb-client dependency no longer resolved in reactor build
  • [MNG-2923] - Having any active profiles causes the build to fail
  • [MNG-2926] - group search order for plugins is inverted
  • [MNG-2934] - Cannot Deploy Using Webdav due to DependencyManagement
  • [MNG-2939] - ${basedir isn't well interpolated in properties files
  • [MNG-2942] - Typo in Maven introduction
  • [MNG-2988] - Ranges with inclusive upper bounds are not validated against metadata
  • [MNG-3036] - NullPointerException when eclipse jars are marked as "provided"
  • [MNG-3039] - mvn.bat fails
  • [MNG-3055] - [regression] loader constraint problems with XmlSerializer if attaching site descriptor


  • [MNG-980] - Provide control over precedence of org.apache.maven.plugins group in search path
  • [MNG-2376] - Have Java code output Java version, not the shell script
  • [MNG-2582] - -X (debug) does not display JVM version
  • [MNG-2885] - improve os activation documentation
  • [MNG-2904] - Misleading error message if profiles that are active by default do not have an ID
  • [MNG-2965] - Update svn:ignores for developing with eclipse

New Feature

  • [MNG-2169] - Want to contribute: Contributing Maven 2 refcard

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