Release Notes - Maven Wagon (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0 - HTML format


  • [WAGON-259] - Using Deprecated plexus-utils Commandline methods
  • [WAGON-277] - HttpClient wagon (wagon-http) uploads all files twice when preemptive authentication is disabled
  • [WAGON-288] - wagon-http uses old and cranky JTidy implementation
  • [WAGON-304] - Wrong checksum when deploy with wagon:httpclient provider
  • [WAGON-308] - Use of proxy properties in lightweight http wagon is not thread-safe
  • [WAGON-312] - Cannot download folders with spaces via SCP
  • [WAGON-314] - Permament move (error 301) not handled properly by Lightweight HTTP Wagon
  • [WAGON-327] - Upgrade JCraft to v0.1.44-1
  • [WAGON-332] - Treat STAT return code 200 (command ok) as valid result
  • [WAGON-335] - Tests fail with 'Address already in use' when building Wagon in parallel mode
  • [WAGON-336] - remove Sytem.out.println in wagons
  • [WAGON-338] - Exception from cyberneko from jenkins repo listing
  • [WAGON-344] - Error deploying maven-site throught webdav in childs modules
  • [WAGON-346] - LightWeight http wagon not thread-safe
  • [WAGON-351] - fix time out configuration in wagon-http


  • [WAGON-265] - Let ftp wagon copy to a non-existing directory
  • [WAGON-273] - Default the HTTP cookie policy to BROWSER_COMPATIBILITY
  • [WAGON-285] - Repository constructor NPE should be more verbose
  • [WAGON-289] - wagon-ftp should support the character encoding used by the FTP control connection.
  • [WAGON-303] - Make wagon-scm work better with git
  • [WAGON-313] - Upgrade httpclient to 4.x
  • [WAGON-317] - Do not wait for 401 "authentication needed" response to send the login/pwd on PUT queries
  • [WAGON-322] - The HTTP Wagons should use Reason-Phrase sent in HTTP Response and use that in exception message (at least incorporate it)
  • [WAGON-328] - Allow putDirectory to continue even if an individual file transfer fails
  • [WAGON-330] - Move to ASF httpclient 4.x
  • [WAGON-331] - Upgrade Wagon to use Java5 compatible libraries and finally drop old dependencies
  • [WAGON-347] - Support preemtive authentication
  • [WAGON-348] - reuse http connection for ASF httpclient provider


  • [WAGON-6] - Extend WagonTestCase to deal with a protocol in auth and no auth mode.
  • [WAGON-233] - Isolate unit tests


  • [WAGON-349] - add a unit to ensure file are not uploaded twice with wagon-http.

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