Release Notes - Maven Wagon (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-beta-2 - HTML format


  • [WAGON-56] - WebDAV Wagon putDirectory fails when multiple directories in path don't exist
  • [WAGON-124] - wagon-http dos not handle HTTP 204 No Content code as success
  • [WAGON-125] - The https protocol is implemented by the LightweightHttpWagon component which does not support https proxy
  • [WAGON-126] - The getIfNewer method fails to work if file doesn't exist locally and the Last-Modified header isn't sent by the server


  • [WAGON-61] - Wagon File provider doesn't check basedir for existence on connect
  • [WAGON-65] - Mailing list archive links incorrect, commits list missing

New Feature

  • [WAGON-58] - Implement .resourceExists(resourceName) and .getFileList(resourceDirectory) methods on all wagons.

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