Release Notes - Maven Wagon (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-beta-3 - HTML format


  • [WAGON-17] - wagon providers need to time out on deploy
  • [WAGON-33] - FileWagon#putDirectory() fails in HP-UX if destinationDirectory is "."
  • [WAGON-41] - Wagon SCM does not add correctly new files
  • [WAGON-45] - Unable to deploy site to svn, html files contain inconsistent new lines
  • [WAGON-54] - Scm Wagon not expanding ${user.home}
  • [WAGON-64] - File cannot be created error...
  • [WAGON-72] - Wagon.getProtocol() called from DefaultWagonManager breaks when used with wagon-webdav 1.0-beta-2
  • [WAGON-73] - MirroredWagon infinite loop
  • [WAGON-79] - ConcurrentModificationException : TransferEventSupport needs synchronization
  • [WAGON-80] - Attempt to use proxySettings even when nonProxyHosts is defined
  • [WAGON-82] - wagon-webdav does not set http-proxy correctly
  • [WAGON-83] - mvn deploy causes NPE in ChecksumObserver.transferStarted
  • [WAGON-84] - exception deploying with webdav
  • [WAGON-90] - The getIfNewer method fails to work if file doesn't exist locally when using repo proxy
  • [WAGON-91] - NPE when known host file is empty
  • [WAGON-92] - Wrong URL computation causes svn commit error
  • [WAGON-93] - Cannot deploy with using webdav: 409 error
  • [WAGON-94] - ignoreFailures flag is ignored
  • [WAGON-103] - Wagon Webdav does not handle HTTP redirects gracefully.
  • [WAGON-104] - File handle leak in the WebDavWagon.put method
  • [WAGON-105] - NPE at org.apache.maven.wagon.repository.Repository.hashCode(
  • [WAGON-108] - HttpException deploying to webdav
  • [WAGON-113] - httpclient wagon doesn't deal with 302 correctly
  • [WAGON-114] - when repository URL contians a trailing slash, resolved URLs contain duplicate slashes
  • [WAGON-145] - Null pointer at org.apache.maven.wagon.providers.ftp.FtpWagon.openConnection(
  • [WAGON-152] - scpexe won't honour .ssh/config information
  • [WAGON-153] - wagon ignores username part of scpexe URLs.
  • [WAGON-156] - directoryPermissions is not repected when I deploy a POM
  • [WAGON-157] - 'mvn deploy' doesn't fail when the privatekey path is invalid.
  • [WAGON-163] - SFTP deploy creates wrong target dir
  • [WAGON-165] - scp-external-wagen and ssh using ProxyCommand blacklist repository
  • [WAGON-171] - Cannot deploy files over existing files if someone else originally uploaded them.
  • [WAGON-206] - NullPointerException in jsch ChannelSession when deploying
  • [WAGON-210] - Handle protocol names case-insensitively
  • [WAGON-215] - sftp is much slower than scp for equivalent requests


  • [WAGON-62] - HTTP headers : Allow to customize useragent field
  • [WAGON-66] - Error when password is wrong is not clear
  • [WAGON-67] - Webdav deploy to non webdav url gives wrong error message
  • [WAGON-69] - Remove unnecessary System.out
  • [WAGON-86] - add timeout to HttpUtils/wagon
  • [WAGON-100] - Most of exception handling code does not fire a transfer error event
  • [WAGON-109] - Refactor Wagon HTTP and Wagon WebDav
  • [WAGON-115] - Use standalone version of httpclient
  • [WAGON-143] - make passive FTP optional
  • [WAGON-148] - site:deploy (deploying with FTP) Wagon protocol 'ftp' doesn't support directory copying
  • [WAGON-178] - make TraditionalUIKeyboardInteractive configurable
  • [WAGON-179] - SFTP as used by site-deploy, causes mkdir command to be executed
  • [WAGON-211] - Use buffered streams for file IO operations
  • [WAGON-213] - Make the build be terse by default using latest surefire plugin
  • [WAGON-216] - upgrade to jsch 0.1.38

New Feature

  • [WAGON-77] - Amazon S3 provider
  • [WAGON-101] - Allow use of streams for get, getIfNewer and put
  • [WAGON-172] - Add proxy support to SSH connections
  • [WAGON-217] - dav:http:// and dav:https:// do not conform to URI spec
  • [WAGON-219] - support getIfNewer in scp wagon


  • [WAGON-112] - Clarify value of basedir property for Repository
  • [WAGON-174] - make SingleKnownHostProvider configurable
  • [WAGON-212] - Make FileWagonTest deterministic


  • [WAGON-180] - Although a password is given in the settings.xml for a scp url, a password prompt still appears

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