Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.2-RC3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5209] - Avoid altering attribute name case in GetFeatureInfo HTML template
  • [GEOS-5226] - The coverage settings are getting re-initialized at each and every catalog modification
  • [GEOS-5243] - Using both user and ip flow controllers leads to ip users being locked out
  • [GEOS-5259] - GeoServer security subsytem fails to migrate previously valid user names
  • [GEOS-5266] - Coverage parameters may fail to be properly converted
  • [GEOS-5275] - Edit user page uses XML store regardless of
  • [GEOS-5281] - Documentation on "Security Role system Role services" has incorrect tablename for the role sevice schema
  • [GEOS-5283] - Bin package will OOM after a few demo requests
  • [GEOS-5285] - WMS + SLD demo request waits indefinitely
  • [GEOS-5286] - Tasmania cities preview fails due to empty bbox
  • [GEOS-5287] - KML with superoverlays generates empty documents
  • [GEOS-5292] - Update community sldService to work with the latest security structure
  • [GEOS-5295] - org.geowebcache.grid.BoundingBox -> DecimalFormat uses localized pattern characters
  • [GEOS-5344] - I cannot see Layer Preview


  • [GEOS-5241] - Tighten type constraints in AuthenticationFilterPanel
  • [GEOS-5242] - Improve logging for control-flow
  • [GEOS-5256] - Use admin password as master password during migration
  • [GEOS-5261] - CLONE - WMS GetLegendGraphic should output labels if no Rule is specified

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