Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.2-beta2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4336] - PNG encoder does not support indexed images with alpha in the pallete entries
  • [GEOS-4432] - CLONE -GeoServer trunk does not correctly match a shapefile's projection to the correct epsg
  • [GEOS-5003] - NullPointer in GWC when caching enabled for TIME or ELEVATION parameters
  • [GEOS-5041] - Broken File/URL conversions in security
  • [GEOS-5043] - Build failure in sec-jdbc
  • [GEOS-5047] - LockFile implementation doesn't close IO streams.
  • [GEOS-5053] - Denial of service opportunity in REST API using new security system
  • [GEOS-5060] - Changing password encryption for user group service prevents future logins
  • [GEOS-5067] - Random build failure in wms DimensionHelperTest
  • [GEOS-5073] - org.geoserver.catalog.impl.ProxyList is said to be immutable, but it's not
  • [GEOS-5074] - DefaultCatalogFacade's encapsulation of styles broken, and risks concurrent modification exceptions on styles and layergroups
  • [GEOS-5078] - Saved GeoServer tile layer gridsubset extents can overlap the gridset's area of validity instead of being contained
  • [GEOS-5079] - JDBC User Group Service uses DDL statement property file for DML as default
  • [GEOS-5082] - Intermittent build failure caused by race condition in LRUAuthenticationCacheTest.testAuthenticationEntry
  • [GEOS-5087] - Access mode admin not available on data access rule page
  • [GEOS-5092] - Out of sync GWC layers prevent server startup
  • [GEOS-5093] - If a GridSet was somehow removed externally and a tilelayer had a gridsubset for it, then the tile layer edit page breaks
  • [GEOS-5096] - Build hang in wps-core ExecuteTest.testConcurrentRequests on one CPU
  • [GEOS-5099] - Layer Preview does not show prefixed names for standard layers
  • [GEOS-5100] - Typo in GeoServerSecurityProvider API
  • [GEOS-5107] - Build failure in app-schema-test WmsGetMapTest in a path with spaces
  • [GEOS-5109] - Do "already configured?" check based on native name, not published one
  • [GEOS-5120] - KML output document does not correctly handle standalone documents


  • [GEOS-4702] - Passwords stored in plain text
  • [GEOS-4919] - Support alpha transparency in png8 output
  • [GEOS-5050] - Start jetty in the IDE with an open SSL port optionally
  • [GEOS-5064] - Central Authentication Service (CAS) Support
  • [GEOS-5071] - ability to upload multiple shapefiles in zip files via rest api
  • [GEOS-5081] - Make the contract of the recently added Catalog.getLayerGroupByName(workspace, name) method more consistent
  • [GEOS-5091] - WMS - GetCapabilities - INSPIRE

New Feature


  • [GEOS-4983] - Make sure embedded GWC config gets reloaded when the GeoServer config is called for a reload
  • [GEOS-5065] - Move cas out to separate security module
  • [GEOS-5089] - Document admin access mode

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