Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.1-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4161] - Minimal GWC UI to configure the basics of integration with GeoServer
  • [GEOS-4163] - WMS integration: let GWC sit in front of the GeoServer WMS to serve tiled content
  • [GEOS-4164] - Integrate the GWC disk-quota module


  • [GEOS-3826] - Geoserver GDAL ImageIO-ext extensions don't work on last Tomcat >= 6.0.24 versions
  • [GEOS-3915] - While uploading a shapefile via REST, GeoServer does not consider workspaces/namespaces.
  • [GEOS-4191] - traceback when clicking warning next to "reload feature type"
  • [GEOS-4232] - Cascaded WMS layer cannot be properly managed by SecureCatalogImpl
  • [GEOS-4238] - Unable to add directory via relative path of rshapefiles from the shapefile datastore configuration page
  • [GEOS-4251] - WFS GetFeature with "JSON" outputFormat may cause an exception
  • [GEOS-4268] - GeoServer 2.1.x would fail configuring large shapefiles on Windows
  • [GEOS-4269] - If layer groups bounds are filled by hand the crs won't be persisted
  • [GEOS-4270] - overlapping images extracted from the same ArcSDE raster don't quite match
  • [GEOS-4273] - NullPointerException happens if WMS casade layer is used inside LayerGroup
  • [GEOS-4286] - LayerPage does not handle new WMSStoreInfo class
  • [GEOS-4287] - The direct raster rendering path may fail during reprojection due invalid crop usage
  • [GEOS-4293] - ogr2ogr output format will fail if no features are returned
  • [GEOS-4295] - CatalogBuilder.buildLayer method does not handle WMSLayerInfo type
  • [GEOS-4298] - Shape zip output format may fail in WPS
  • [GEOS-4301] - Enable GetFeatureInfo for wms cascading layer
  • [GEOS-4383] - WMS cascading URL port problem


  • [GEOS-4183] - Develop a RESTConfig analogous to the recursive deletes in Geoserver's UI
  • [GEOS-4271] - Create Option to bypass Raster Direct Path
  • [GEOS-4288] - GSIP 57 - authorization framework improvements
  • [GEOS-4292] - Add ability to upload files into store of different type
  • [GEOS-4297] - Disable layer when REST upload contains layer that cannot be completely configured

New Feature


  • [GEOS-1242] - Add text/xml as an output format for WMS exceptions

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