Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 1.6.0-beta1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-976] - Get wms reflector on trunk
  • [GEOS-1073] - Replace mapbuilder tazmania demo with openlayers tazmania demo
  • [GEOS-1076] - Get labels working better with OpenLayers
  • [GEOS-1078] - Use single file compressed OpenLayers javascript file


  • [GEOS-747] - ArcSde datastore not outputting database queries
  • [GEOS-925] - sld post does not work with new dispatcher
  • [GEOS-939] - Get filter does not work if no schema location specified
  • [GEOS-980] - Geoserver does not recognize layers without namespace specification in getMap requests
  • [GEOS-1026] - Backport WFSV to WFS 1.0
  • [GEOS-1029] - WFSLogger should probably avoid logging the output
  • [GEOS-1058] - template loading relative to feature type does not work when feature type config dir not != name of feature type
  • [GEOS-1066] - GML3 output does not seem to respect decimal places settings
  • [GEOS-1071] - Complete transaction framerk implementation
  • [GEOS-1084] - Adding a new FeatureType that uses SRS 3031 presents blank edit screen.
  • [GEOS-1124] - Geometry type ignored/not recognized by Oracle datastore
  • [GEOS-1132] - GeoServer.destroy() does not releases ArcSDE connection pools
  • [GEOS-1133] - GSIP 16 - Security subsystem
  • [GEOS-1139] - Have the demo requests page show the results too (frames)
  • [GEOS-1140] - KMATTR only works on polygons, not points or lines
  • [GEOS-1155] - Class cast exceptions with PostPreProcessFilterSplittingVisitor
  • [GEOS-1160] - Make sure Geoserver creates the security subfolder if missing
  • [GEOS-1170] - Partial Buffer2 strategy gatherint servlet output stream too early
  • [GEOS-1171] - Make sure non ASCII chars do not break WFS over shapefile


  • [GEOS-961] - Better reporting of file errors on 'store' creation
  • [GEOS-994] - Better labels on lines in KML
  • [GEOS-995] - Align WMS reflector and KML reflector
  • [GEOS-1000] - Revert compilation changes due to missing stuff on gt2 trunk
  • [GEOS-1031] - replace mapbuilder demos with openlayers
  • [GEOS-1032] - Only outlines on KML from an SLD
  • [GEOS-1034] - Support super overlays in GeoServer
  • [GEOS-1040] - Allow legend support in KML
  • [GEOS-1041] - Allow JPEG compression level to be user configurable
  • [GEOS-1085] - Portuguese Translation of GeoServer web admin
  • [GEOS-1110] - Port GEOS-1070 to trunk
  • [GEOS-1141] - improve kml / georss titles
  • [GEOS-1150] - Investigate removing extra 'document'
  • [GEOS-1172] - Have Geoserver serve static files included in the data dir
  • [GEOS-1174] - Make sure proper charset encoding is used reading xml config files as well as when publishing files with FilePublisher
  • [GEOS-1177] - Edit feature type, no lat/lon bbox available?
  • [GEOS-1178] - RSS and KML output very slow on layers with lots of features
  • [GEOS-1179] - Template loader is not able to distinguish between two feature types with the same name (but different namespace)
  • [GEOS-1181] - Forward port multiple layer group set of patches

New Feature

  • [GEOS-996] - add TIME and ELEVATION parameters in a Getmap request
  • [GEOS-1053] - GeoRSS support


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