Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 8.6 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4307] - CapabilitiesFilterSplitter doesn't split appropriately Id Filters when there isn't Id support in Capabilities
  • [GEOT-4315] - WFS 1.1 creates invalid requests: Id Filters can't be used in Logical or Comparison operators
  • [GEOT-4318] - WFSDataStore 1.1 creates invalid requests with filters containing Include AND other operators
  • [GEOT-4352] - Lost tasks in DefaultRenderingExecutor
  • [GEOT-4367] - Tiling artifacts with RasterSymbolizer using bilinear interpolation


  • [GEOT-3986] - using FidFilter could be very cost intensive
  • [GEOT-4267] - Some filter functions do not cast arguments to numeric types
  • [GEOT-4362] - ArcGIS WFS output format not supported
  • [GEOT-4366] - Provide method in ImageWorker to convert color model to YCbCR
  • [GEOT-4372] - WPSConfiguration should have a Filter parser delegate


  • [GEOT-4370] - Upgrade ImageIO-Ext dependency to 1.1.6

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