Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.7.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-3411] - Improve xsd-core Schemas handling of paths with spaces
  • [GEOT-3412] - Improve support for cyclic dependencies by preventing an xsd-core XSD from being its own dependency
  • [GEOT-3490] - Improve GridCoverageRenderer management of floating point data


  • [GEOT-1181] - StreamingRenderer parameters property
  • [GEOT-2632] - downloads link
  • [GEOT-2943] - wfs-t insert fails due to empty GML attribute tag
  • [GEOT-3451] - TOWGS84 Parameters Producing Error in Projecting Points to NAD83 UTM
  • [GEOT-3482] - Coordinate Reference Systems created from the EPSG database have a wrong BursaWolf ppm parameter
  • [GEOT-3484] - Raster reprojection fails against areas where the projection is fully symmetrical in the area of interest
  • [GEOT-3485] - JDBC test assumes order of feature retrieval
  • [GEOT-3495] - Spurious extra points might appear in the map with an Oracle data source
  • [GEOT-3497] - Datum transformation method heuristics don't consider the extent of the area covered by a specific method
  • [GEOT-3504] - Creating GridCoverage2D from BufferedImage.TYPE_USHORT_555_RGB throws Exception
  • [GEOT-3509] - VectorToRasterProcess fails for point data
  • [GEOT-3510] - VectorToRasterProcess coordinate conversion errors
  • [GEOT-3516] - tests using perceptualdiff always fail on OSX
  • [GEOT-3527] - The method CQL.main(...) does not parse a list of sentences.
  • [GEOT-3548] - GML2 encoding can intermittently encode null values in place of geometries
  • [GEOT-3549] - PostGIS dialect may not honor the provided geometry factory
  • [GEOT-3555] - Displaying a GridCoverage2D in JMapPane causes an error
  • [GEOT-3556] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor loosing ContrastEnhancement type and method
  • [GEOT-3561] - MapViewport.setCoordinateReferenceSystem publishes wrong event type
  • [GEOT-3562] - FeatureLayer.setStyle method should publish an event
  • [GEOT-3578] - Image mosaic JDBC module misinterprets OutputTransparentColor
  • [GEOT-3608] - Rendering error with HSQLDB EPSG database


  • [GEOT-2225] - create a wfs 1.0 wfs xml configuration
  • [GEOT-2713] - Improved computation of requested resolutions for ImagePyramid
  • [GEOT-3483] - Create a default implementation of ProgressListener
  • [GEOT-3487] - Improve javadoc for ImageWorker
  • [GEOT-3494] - Improve management of interpolation in resample
  • [GEOT-3501] - Deprecate alternatives syntax for the comparison predicate
  • [GEOT-3521] - add ability to get wrapped data source from DBCPDataSource
  • [GEOT-3528] - WMSLayer fails against systems publishing data using unkonwn EPSG codes
  • [GEOT-3533] - FeatureJSON misses control for coordinate decimals of its GeometryJSON instance
  • [GEOT-3560] - Improve JMapPane performance with long rendering tasks

New Feature

  • [GEOT-2359] - Add ILIKE statement to ECQL language


  • [GEOT-3505] - Update ImageMosaic to leverage on last jai-tools version (1.1.1)

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