Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.6.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-1879] - plugin/db2 Code encumbered by IBM license


  • [GEOT-504] - JDBCDataStore autoCommit problem for DB2
  • [GEOT-1369] - Update test database creation and junit test
  • [GEOT-1536] - ImageLoader overhaul needed
  • [GEOT-1706] - XML-XSD is not thread safe
  • [GEOT-2278] - ClassCastException when filtering on Date values.
  • [GEOT-2411] - FilterDOMParser won't parse DWithin and Beyond filters
  • [GEOT-2945] - MetadataUrlType NullPointer
  • [GEOT-2962] - WFS Badly composed url
  • [GEOT-2984] - Problem using WFS client in multi-classloader environment (fix attached)
  • [GEOT-3011] - Centroid computation during rendering might occasionally return invalid points
  • [GEOT-3014] - EPSG H2 cannot recover when marker file removed
  • [GEOT-3018] - Rectangular graphic fills are distored into a square shape
  • [GEOT-3026] - Invalid Filter Construction for WFS-1.0.0
  • [GEOT-3027] - Default Stroke Values are reversed - linecap vs. linejoin
  • [GEOT-3028] - GeometryCollectionIterator returns the last point of each geometry twice
  • [GEOT-3029] - DataUtilities.createSubType changes the structure of the descriptors
  • [GEOT-3030] - FeatureTypeImpl equality will fail if the geometry property field still hasn't been computed
  • [GEOT-3036] - Default fill parameters use Color object instead of hex string
  • [GEOT-3037] - Connect to provided databasename with jdbc-sqlserver
  • [GEOT-3042] - SLDParser can fail on empty elements
  • [GEOT-3043] - SLDParser fails parsing dasharray when multiple lines are used inside it
  • [GEOT-3044] - xsd-sld misses the extension ColorMap attributes
  • [GEOT-3048] - SLD isDefault is treated as a boolean, but the spec says 0 or 1 instead
  • [GEOT-3052] - Add more file filters to JP2K plugin
  • [GEOT-3053] - GeoKey directory management when writing GeoTiff CRS
  • [GEOT-3061] - Duplicated properties in app-schema WFS response
  • [GEOT-3067] - ExtractBoundsFilterVisitor does not deal properly with DWithin filters
  • [GEOT-3070] - MetaBufferEstimator should consider also Mark and statis external graphic references as well
  • [GEOT-3073] - at.statistik.gis.db2.DB2VTDataStoreFactory not found
  • [GEOT-3074] - Interpolator2D wrong behavior
  • [GEOT-3081] - LabelPainter treats halo radius as an integer
  • [GEOT-3138] - PregeneralizedFeatureCollection does not close its iterator
  • [GEOT-3144] - SimpleFeatureTypeBuilder does not set default attribute value


  • [GEOT-1417] - Create 'Online' testcases
  • [GEOT-2005] - JDBCDataStore should handle clob/blob fields
  • [GEOT-3012] - SimpleFeaturePropertyAccessor.canHandle should check the feature type, not the feature itself
  • [GEOT-3023] - Avoid dumping the defaults when turning a style into a SLD 1.0 document
  • [GEOT-3032] - When the "followLine" vendor option is set force line placement
  • [GEOT-3033] - The VersionedPostgisDatastoreFactory should accept a DataSource parameter if provided
  • [GEOT-3034] - Allow property datastore to find parent when a actual property file is supplied
  • [GEOT-3035] - Create Constant image for background values using the same image datatype of sample image
  • [GEOT-3045] - GeneralEnvelope constructed as isNull

New Feature

  • [GEOT-2334] - Add a way to grab a new connection or to get the connection for a given Transaction
  • [GEOT-2905] - Oracle Georaster support
  • [GEOT-3001] - Interpolate function as per Symbology Encoding 1.1
  • [GEOT-3017] - Add support for footprint to mosaic datasets
  • [GEOT-3080] - Imagemosaic-JDBC plugin for custom db layout


  • [GEOT-3039] - Add ensureNonNull utility method to Utilities class
  • [GEOT-3040] - Add checkEmptySourceRegion utility method to CoverageUtilities
  • [GEOT-3041] - Add Utiltities method to DataUtilities class

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