Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.4.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-1469] - NPE when configuring a feature type that's not registered in geometry_columns
  • [GEOT-1741] - OperationJAI.doOperation throws NullPointerException when working on GridSampleDimension without categories.
  • [GEOT-1763] - Crop operation is unable to crop rotated coverages properly
  • [GEOT-1764] - Concurrent modification exception in Configuration.setupContext
  • [GEOT-1765] - Creating a feature type for an arcsde registered view fails with a "view can't be writable" IAE
  • [GEOT-1771] - StreamingRenderer/PostGIS behaving oddly with Google Mercator projection
  • [GEOT-1775] - Use CoordinateSequence in shapefile writing to leverage optimized coordinate sequences
  • [GEOT-1781] - ArcGrid ASCII format malfunction (AsciiGridsImageMetadata malfunction)
  • [GEOT-1786] - GML2 coordinates parsing fails if the coordinate list contains newline characters
  • [GEOT-1792] - ArcGridReader can't read ArcGrid ASCII file without file extension
  • [GEOT-1802] - FilterToSql cannot encode a simple expression like "attribute + 5"
  • [GEOT-1809] - Postgis update does not convert attribute values to jdbc type before setting the PreparedStatement value
  • [GEOT-1817] - Mixing point and polygon symbolizers results in point symbolizer out of place
  • [GEOT-1825] - QueryCapabilities code partly duplicated in JDBCFeatureSource and subclasses


  • [GEOT-1491] - Make CoverageCrop behaves nicely when the grid-to-world transform is not a simple scale and translate
  • [GEOT-1768] - Improve GML3 coordinate sequence encoding by using CoordinateSequence instead of coordinate[]
  • [GEOT-1769] - Use CoordinateSequence to write down GML2 coordinate lists, instead of Coordinate[]

New Feature

  • [GEOT-1159] - WorldFileWriter
  • [GEOT-1794] - Add startIndex to Query and Implement native paging support for PostGIS


  • [GEOT-1797] - coveragetools package renaming: it.geosolutions.* becomes org.geotools.*

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