Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.6-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-1912] - unsup/imagemosaic-jdbc needs a full copyright and licensing review


  • [GEOT-2623] - Fail to read GBK attribute in dbf
  • [GEOT-2723] - ArcSDE DataStore seems not to kill the worker threads at dispose()
  • [GEOT-2728] - NPE in SimpleFeatureTypeBuilder when using ShapeFileRenderer and "complex" Style
  • [GEOT-2739] - Cannot read metadata when not schema owner
  • [GEOT-2745] - LikeFilterImpl uses pattern matcher in non thread safe way
  • [GEOT-2752] - Improve requested resolution computation for mosaic when a reprojection is in the mix
  • [GEOT-2766] - DiffFeatureReader getIndexedFeatures fails with FastBBox filter
  • [GEOT-2767] - XS bindings for bounded integral types fail with to encode values larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [GEOT-2768] - Upgrade to imageio-ext 1.0.4 to avoid JVM crashes under high load
  • [GEOT-2770] - ImageMosaic does not respect location attribute parameter
  • [GEOT-2772] - DataFeatureCollection.accepts method using wrong scale for progress listener


  • [GEOT-1651] - AbstractGridCoverage2DReader should consider using both overviews and subsampling at the same time
  • [GEOT-2702] - Remove caching from coverage processing
  • [GEOT-2722] - Improve ImageMosaic performances by caching SPI
  • [GEOT-2753] - ImagePyramidFormat may choke when doing accepts on large files
  • [GEOT-2755] - Remove deprecations from FormatFinder workflow
  • [GEOT-2760] - Make ArcSDEDataStore honor the JTS_COORDINATE_SEQUENCE_FACTORY hint
  • [GEOT-2774] - Upgrade common pools to 1.5.3

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