Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.6-M3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-2115] - Clean up imageio-ext-gdal support implementation


  • [GEOT-1606] - Allow ImageMoasic to report no data when a raster file is missing
  • [GEOT-1642] - Mosaic background odd behaviour
  • [GEOT-2171] - Workaround for mosaic tiling bug
  • [GEOT-2518] - constructors for mandatory parameters are setting 'required' arg to false
  • [GEOT-2530] - Maven cannot download SNAPSHOT versions of plugins
  • [GEOT-2552] - RasterSymbolizer capabilty to preserve no data values interferes with the color map elements for BYTE and USHORT data type
  • [GEOT-2604] - ExpressionDOMParser does not handle empty Literals well
  • [GEOT-2660] - Check GeoTools Dependencies
  • [GEOT-2676] - ArcSDE and jdbc-ng JNDI store factory parameters conflict, and arcsde complains
  • [GEOT-2677] - static DBTYPE and PORT parameters
  • [GEOT-2681] - CQL implementation doesn't handle large numbers
  • [GEOT-2682] - Javadoc wrong in org.opengis.feature.simple.SimpleFeature
  • [GEOT-2684] - Make GeoTools Style interfaces mutable
  • [GEOT-2686] - Snow Leopard Build fails on XML FIlter
  • [GEOT-2693] - SubFeatureCollection needs to overwrite getBounds() - throws UnsupportedOperationException
  • [GEOT-2701] - memory datastore does not always maintain feature insertion order
  • [GEOT-2703] - SQLDialect logging full trace for failure to decode a SRS with the official EPSG database might confuse people
  • [GEOT-2715] - GeodeticCalculator - Wrong azimuth calculation
  • [GEOT-2716] - Geodetic Caluclator - Wrong distance for points on geodetic curve
  • [GEOT-2717] - NPE during WPSFactory instantiation if ows:Abstract element is missing/null in DescriptionType
  • [GEOT-2718] - Image mosaic cannot work anymore in absence of the GDAL plugins
  • [GEOT-2720] - Regression: mosaic plugin cannot open anymore a read only index file
  • [GEOT-2725] - Graphic.setDisplacement is not working and has a typo = setDisplacmeent
  • [GEOT-2730] - DefaultMapContext.getAreaOfInterest should return a copy of its envelope
  • [GEOT-2734] - Another parsing error on WPS DescribeProcessRequest
  • [GEOT-2743] - DefaultTemporalPrimitive compare method revert natural ordering for TimeInstant and period
  • [GEOT-2744] - DefaultCoordinateSystemAxis nameMatchesXY bug prevents successful comparison between X/Y and Easting/Northing


  • [GEOT-1627] - location attribute name should not be hardcoded
  • [GEOT-1628] - Give users possibility to set mosaic background value
  • [GEOT-2072] - ImageMosaicReader and FileNotFoundException (Too many open files)
  • [GEOT-2082] - Improve Robustness of GridCoverageRenderer
  • [GEOT-2083] - ReferencedEnvelope improvements
  • [GEOT-2325] - jdbc-ng: add support for aggregate functions
  • [GEOT-2391] - Suppot ImageIO read vs JAI ImageRead
  • [GEOT-2393] - NameImpl should implement Serializable (and Comparable too)
  • [GEOT-2424] - Have shapefile datastore respect the CoordinateSequenceFactory hint
  • [GEOT-2532] - Adding support to UOMs and fixing several issues with styling
  • [GEOT-2659] - Support for encoding complex attributes for EnvelopeType, PointType and DirectPositionType
  • [GEOT-2667] - Unpack the EPSG database form a zipped binary version
  • [GEOT-2691] - Get rid of deprecated methods from utilities classes FeatureUtilities and CoverageUtilities
  • [GEOT-2706] - Numeric converts fail when target type is primitive
  • [GEOT-2719] - clean up SLD utility class
  • [GEOT-2721] - GridSampleDimension.getCategories should return empty list rather than null


  • [GEOT-2711] - Align ImagePyramid with latest ImageMosaic work


  • [GEOT-2695] - ImageMosaicReader and ImagePyramidReader should work on real URLs

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