Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.5-M3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-1531] - Code a proper dispose for ArcSDEDataStore
  • [GEOT-1820] - Implement all the dynamic symbol factories and wire them up with SLDStyleFactory
  • [GEOT-1821] - Create a sample TTFMarkFactory
  • [GEOT-1851] - move Parameter class from process module to api
  • [GEOT-1902] - unsup/community-schemas has data of unknown origin
  • [GEOT-1910] - extension/xsd modules need a full copyright and licensing review


  • [GEOT-484] - Error in Fetching a subset of properties
  • [GEOT-864] - not compatible with JScience units
  • [GEOT-1725] - Finalize method for AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
  • [GEOT-1741] - OperationJAI.doOperation throws NullPointerException when working on GridSampleDimension without categories.
  • [GEOT-1792] - ArcGridReader can't read ArcGrid ASCII file without file extension
  • [GEOT-1808] - CommonsConverter turns "12.5" into 0, it shuld return null instead
  • [GEOT-1809] - Postgis update does not convert attribute values to jdbc type before setting the PreparedStatement value
  • [GEOT-1815] - WMS is GetCapabilities requests that have non key value pair information
  • [GEOT-1817] - Mixing point and polygon symbolizers results in point symbolizer out of place
  • [GEOT-1829] - StreamingRenderer does not properly render point symbolizers anymore
  • [GEOT-1833] - StyleFactory wrongly forces in a default size of 6 pixels for Graphic
  • [GEOT-1837] - VersionedFeatureStore.getLog() fails if the requested feature type has an empty history
  • [GEOT-1838] - Postgis versioned datastore does not advertise the capabilities of the wrapped data store
  • [GEOT-1840] - unneeded sun specific import results in compile error on other sdks
  • [GEOT-1844] - More troubles with streamingRenderer and PointSymbolizer
  • [GEOT-1846] - Label outline rendering does not honor text only antialising rendering hints
  • [GEOT-1848] - ArcSDEFeatureSource.getFeatures returns the filter property names when it shouldnt
  • [GEOT-1852] - Oracle datastore does not properly encode Filter.include and Filter.exclude
  • [GEOT-1863] - Versioned edits may fail with invalid SeState handling
  • [GEOT-1934] - Make mutablefeatureid's mutable
  • [GEOT-1938] - Force coordinate system reader/iterator are not forcing crs anymore


  • [GEOT-1070] - PropertyAttributeReader improvements
  • [GEOT-1779] - TXT - Id Predicate
  • [GEOT-1787] - TXT <comparison predicate> with <expression> at the left of comparison operations
  • [GEOT-1839] - QueryCapabilities.supportsSorting should return "true" when the SortBy[] is empty or null
  • [GEOT-1842] - imageio-ext dependency in render module should be a test dependency instead of having compile scope
  • [GEOT-1865] - TXT - expression in like predicate
  • [GEOT-1869] - Between predicate with expressions

New Feature

  • [GEOT-1740] - Add NAMESPACE KVP Parameter when communicating to DeeGree WFS
  • [GEOT-1932] - TXT - expressions into IS NULL predicate


  • [GEOT-1266] - Upgrade from JSR 108 to JSR 275
  • [GEOT-1797] - coveragetools package renaming: it.geosolutions.* becomes org.geotools.*

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