Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.2.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-722] - DataUtilities.defaultValue() doesn't call AttributeType.createDefaultValue()
  • [GEOT-728] - Clean up FIDMapper hierarchy and fix problems
  • [GEOT-907] - Caching in BufferedAuthorityFactory does not work
  • [GEOT-920] - SVG Graphic marks not rendered
  • [GEOT-935] - Deadlock in 2.2.x Referencing
  • [GEOT-941] - FidFilter sometimes causes NullPointerException in SQLEncoder
  • [GEOT-945] - AutoIncrementFIDMapper does not support BigInteger Primary Keys
  • [GEOT-947] - remove final modifier in arcsde dummy api
  • [GEOT-948] - jdbc1Datastore getConnection method is not thread safe
  • [GEOT-953] - PostGISAutoIncrementFIDMapper doesn't support non-serial primary keys
  • [GEOT-957] - Various issues with Rendering (see description for details)
  • [GEOT-960] - Allow shapefile data store to write down feature types with BigDecimal or BigInteger types (as an extension, every Number subclass)
  • [GEOT-961] - NullFidFilter returns 1 column with name "null"
  • [GEOT-968] - Postgis fid mapper should not return oid fid mapper without checking database version number
  • [GEOT-969] - Error occurs when writing a Point geometry.
  • [GEOT-970] - LiteCoordinateSequence converts 2D to 3D
  • [GEOT-975] - FeatureListenerManager never frees FeatureSource keys from the map


  • [GEOT-919] - CRS findMathTransform
  • [GEOT-958] - Support FID values greater than int
  • [GEOT-959] - ows layer getSRS should be cached because some layers can have many (Geoserver)
  • [GEOT-973] - Avoid creating a new coordinate operation factory for each scale computation in RenderUtils
  • [GEOT-974] - Attach a feature source listener only when needed in MapLayers, clean up when no more needed


  • [GEOT-954] - Apply minor postgis changes

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