Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.2.M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-591] - Supports EPSG names for affine transform in geocentric coordinates
  • [GEOT-592] - Implements coordinate operation factory backed by an authority
  • [GEOT-593] - createFromCoordinateReferenceSystemCodes should returns most accurate operation first
  • [GEOT-594] - createCoordinateOperation needs to resolve source and target CRS for defining conversion
  • [GEOT-595] - ConcatenatedOperation needs to take the EPSG path table in account.
  • [GEOT-596] - create Operation Method as standalone objects


  • [GEOT-49] - Rename "ColorBar" widget as "ColorRamp"
  • [GEOT-427] - Requests for bounding boxes are sometimes in wrong coordinate order
  • [GEOT-482] - GridCoverage2D.getInterpolation() method needs to be overrided in Interpolator2D
  • [GEOT-517] - README generation inaccurate
  • [GEOT-557] - WFS failure(s) during clipping
  • [GEOT-559] - Filter Functions should be untyped
  • [GEOT-560] - Kickoff of Geotools 2.2.x
  • [GEOT-569] - DOM parser - prefix problems
  • [GEOT-606] - Wrong longitude and latitude abbreviations in DefaultCoordinateSystemAxis
  • [GEOT-608] - ClassCastException in j2d.RenderedLayerFactory using GridCoverage
  • [GEOT-622] - When writing Index shapefile always creates a new RTree, even when RTree is not being used.
  • [GEOT-623] - If a feature is not on the screen shapefile renderer does not calculate the feature-id of its features correctly.
  • [GEOT-624] - shapefile renderer's Point handler sometimes attempts to create geometries for geom with - y and z values.
  • [GEOT-627] - Bug in FactoryUsingSQL creating CoordinateOperation by name
  • [GEOT-631] - getDescription(code) for CoordinateSystemAxis produces unnecessary warnings
  • [GEOT-638] - Dimension checks should be applied for concatenation of identity transforms as well
  • [GEOT-639] - Transformation between 3D projected CRS do not propagates the height
  • [GEOT-642] - DataUtilities wronlgy casts LogicFilter's members to Expressions. They're Filters
  • [GEOT-643] - If featureID is < 3 characters long an ArrayOutOfBoundsException is thrown by DiffWriter
  • [GEOT-644] - Geotools TRUNK broken on GeoTIFF + Image
  • [GEOT-646] - JDBCTextFeatureWriter encodes the AttributeType instead of its value


  • [GEOT-246] - repackage data work
  • [GEOT-543] - Update to multiproject from reactor for build goal
  • [GEOT-568] - Added optimization - dont read a layer when you're not going to draw any features
  • [GEOT-586] - EPSG authority factory should understand EPSG name as well as EPSG code
  • [GEOT-588] - Implements 'getAuthorityCodes(...)' and 'getDescriptionText(...)' methods in EPSG AuthorityFactory
  • [GEOT-589] - Implements CoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory in addition of current EPSG authority factory implementations
  • [GEOT-630] - Deal with GeographicCRS without DATUM_CODE
  • [GEOT-632] - Implement getting Units by name
  • [GEOT-634] - Allow creating CoordinateSystems by name (where names contain ":")
  • [GEOT-637] - Creation of CoordinateSystem object should checks for axis units

New Feature

  • [GEOT-452] - Add provider for Transverse Mercator South Orientated


  • [GEOT-24] - Label/point conflict resolution
  • [GEOT-418] - Refactor resource bundles
  • [GEOT-576] - Upgrate embedded HSQL database from EPSG 6.6 to EPSG 6.7


  • [GEOT-572] - Investigate why HSQL DataSource test fails on Cruise Control


  • [GEOT-25] - Create binds to OpenOffice for providing transformation formulas in Calc
  • [GEOT-46] - Provides EPSG data in a java embedded database

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