Release Notes - groovy (moved to ASF) - Version 1.6.6 - HTML format


  • [GROOVY-2696] - Joint compiler does not honour JavaBean spec for boolean properties
  • [GROOVY-2897] - Accessors for boolean properties are not generated properly
  • [GROOVY-3318] - Javac doesn't see synthetic Groovy methods in Groovy-compiled superclass
  • [GROOVY-3645] - Running invalid Groovy program produces IncompatibleClassChangeError
  • [GROOVY-3709] - javadoc of toMapString
  • [GROOVY-3749] - Cannot have a script with a main method as the starting point
  • [GROOVY-3763] - CLONE -Using the Ant task with multiple targets fails
  • [GROOVY-3806] - contains assertion which is always false
  • [GROOVY-3807] - Sql.expand not working in Sql.eachRow(GString sql, Closure metaClosure, Closure rowClosure)
  • [GROOVY-3808] - Sql.Dataset: No logging implemented
  • [GROOVY-3817] - try {} block followed by list notation does not work, needs something else in between
  • [GROOVY-3818] - grep or findAll results in ClassCastException (Comparaple) on TreeSet, TreeMap with custom comparator
  • [GROOVY-3827] - One compile error reported twice
  • [GROOVY-3830] - java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError thrown with Interface containing variable
  • [GROOVY-3831] - Expecting to find object/array on stack
  • [GROOVY-3843] - API doc of groovy.servlet.TemplateServlet, Logging and extra-output option '' is ''.
  • [GROOVY-3847] - Weird compiler error when using assert incorrectly
  • [GROOVY-3850] - groovyc should not generate method stub if method name is invalid in Java
  • [GROOVY-3851] - @Grapes does not work (at least not in Groovy Console)
  • [GROOVY-3852] - groovyc allows multiple annotations of the same type on the same element
  • [GROOVY-3853] - Changes to @Grab parameters not detected in Groovy Console
  • [GROOVY-3857] - Newline in interfaces declaration with generics is not fully supported.
  • [GROOVY-3861] - AST transforms of spock do not take effect when the library is loaded using @Grab
  • [GROOVY-3863] - this.class fails in static methods that return void
  • [GROOVY-3868] - "as" and "asType()" produce different results when converting Strings to primitive types
  • [GROOVY-3873] - adding methods to metaclass of interface not working
  • [GROOVY-3874] - Improve the caching logic in GroovyClassLoader
  • [GROOVY-3875] - CurriedClosure does not clone the parent closure
  • [GROOVY-3876] - as Integer doesn't work with GStringImpl
  • [GROOVY-3877] - problem trying to extend an abstract groovy class with a java class
  • [GROOVY-3878] - Can't call Java varargs method when it's mixed in to toplevel
  • [GROOVY-3885] - Groovy-all-jdk14-1.6.5 not usable - java/util/concurrent/locks/AbstractQueuedSynchronizer
  • [GROOVY-3893] - NPE in GroovyScriptEngine.getResourceConnection(String)
  • [GROOVY-3894] - NumberFormatException if value is too big
  • [GROOVY-3895] - Joint compiler doesn't like classes that contain methods with primitive types for names
  • [GROOVY-3904] - groovyc hangs if a type is declared to extend itself


  • [GROOVY-3706] - Tiny improvement to groovy.sql.Sql eachRows()
  • [GROOVY-3778] - Round out eachRows() and rows() variants taking metaDataClosure.
  • [GROOVY-3786] - Multiple MarkupBuilder Issues
  • [GROOVY-3813] - MarkupBuilder alignment of special mkp commands compared with StreamingMarkupBuilder
  • [GROOVY-3816] - Should be possible to declare a class in a script and use it in another script with JSR223
  • [GROOVY-3839] - AST Transforms: @GroovyASTTransformationClass annotation should allow parameters of type Class[] not just String[]
  • [GROOVY-3860] - Groovydoc throws NullPointerException when link tag missing packages attribute
  • [GROOVY-3884] - InvokerHelper.getVersion() should also work on Google App Engine
  • [GROOVY-3890] - ObjectGraphBuilder: add a general purpose bean factory

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-3671] - "grape resolve -ivy (... ... ...)+" could generate ivy dependencies

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