Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0 - Text format


  • [MNG-1546] - no way to retrieve/change plugin configuration in the POM or globally
  • [MNG-2409] - @requiresDependencyResolution re-resolves transitive dependencies
  • [MNG-2632] - Setting property in profiles is not evaluated for POM validation
  • [MNG-2875] - Maven does not honour Plexus component lifecycles in embedded environment for singleton-keep-alive components
  • [MNG-3383] - Downloaded plugin dependencies influence project dependencies
  • [MNG-3647] - Maven performance needs improvement
  • [MNG-3650] - [regression] error reporting can not properly report a missing extension artifact
  • [MNG-3674] - originalModel in MavenProject has shallow clones of plugin instances and can be polluted when plugin versions are resolved
  • [MNG-3775] - [regression] Problem in dependency resolution with exclusion, pom parent
  • [MNG-3888] - Configuration of array-typed mojo parameters with type-incompatible elements causes ArrayStoreException
  • [MNG-4592] - Snapshot artifacts that could not be downloaded due to communication problems are "blacklisted" for a day by default.
  • [MNG-4751] - Snapshot version not resolved for version range
  • [MNG-4785] - NPE in dependency resolution code for TC plugin
  • [MNG-4786] - [regression] Ant-based mojo using maven-script-ant:2.1.0+ cause NPE
  • [MNG-4788] - [regression] Appassembler Maven Plugin doesn't work like as it should
  • [MNG-4789] - [regression] Difference in compile scope dependency resolution
  • [MNG-4791] - [regression] POM artifacts passed into MavenProjectBuilder.buildFromRepository() are no longer resolved
  • [MNG-4793] - Unable to obtain archiver for extension 'zip'
  • [MNG-4794] - 'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-install-plugin:2.3.1'. A required class is missing: org.codehaus.plexus.digest.Digester
  • [MNG-4795] - [regression] Dependencies in forked reactor projects are not resolved when aggregator bound to lifecycle forks
  • [MNG-4800] - Conflict resolution does not pick sub tree of nearest dependency if farther conflicting dependency has wider scope
  • [MNG-4810] - Maven cannot build if loaded in a classloader that is not backed by a real JAR file / classpath
  • [MNG-4811] - Custom Maven Plugin regression in Maven 3.x, custom ComponentConfigurator causes infinite loop
  • [MNG-4814] - Eary dependency resolution attempts for reactor projects prevent their later resolution from the reactor
  • [MNG-4818] - NPE in legacy.DefaultWagonManager.getArtifact
  • [MNG-4829] - [regression] Checksum failures aren't logged
  • [MNG-4832] - Maven 3 Regression: Missing constructor of org.codehaus.plexus.component.configurator.converters.special.ClassRealmConverter
  • [MNG-4834] - [regression] MavenProject.getParent() ignores configured repositories
  • [MNG-4836] - Incorrect recursive expression cycle errors (update plexus-interpolation)
  • [MNG-4837] - Interpolation error due to cyclic expression for one of the POM coordinates gets needlessly repeated
  • [MNG-4842] - [regression] Repositories discovered in dependency POMs override repositories configured for original resolution request of POM
  • [MNG-4845] - [regression] MavenProject.getDependencyArtifact() returns artifacts without version for dependency with version range
  • [MNG-4890] - -pl, -am and -amd options don't consider the version of the artefacts for building the reactor
  • [MNG-4997] - Plugin @Parameter alias does not work for complex parameter types


  • [MNG-1119] - Allow to use custom pom resolution strategy
  • [MNG-4157] - Great if possible to specify build log file and then access in from a project report
  • [MNG-4452] - Metadata for snapshots should include classifier
  • [MNG-4787] - Allow class realm manager delegates to alter public part of Maven core realm
  • [MNG-4815] - (3.0-RC1) Maven Java API does not give nice error messages when improperly configured
  • [MNG-4824] - multiple failures need additional whitespace
  • [MNG-4825] - Relative path errors could be more explicit
  • [MNG-4886] - Conflicting log statements when using a mirror

New Feature

  • [MNG-2771] - Provide a means of loading custom substitute components instead of default Maven components
  • [MNG-3291] - Need a way to get all profiles from the embedder
  • [MNG-4484] - Create a Maven API for component configuration


  • [MNG-2736] - Decouple Settings from the ProfileManager
  • [MNG-4151] - Update maven API to use Java 5 generics
  • [MNG-4805] - Update default plugin versions used for built-in lifecycle mappings
  • [MNG-4807] - Extend core artifact filter to exclude relocated Guice-based Plexus shim


  • [MNG-4796] - add a warning when profiles.xml is used (Maven 2) or detected (Maven 3)

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