Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.0.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4008] - Missing SLD in release configuration


  • [GEOS-3534] - DescribeFeatureType leaks memory
  • [GEOS-3701] - java.lang.ClassCastException throwed by org.geoserver.config.util.XStreamPersister while saving a layer with "java.lang.Short" bondary values
  • [GEOS-3755] - REST Api fails on layernames containing space
  • [GEOS-3793] - Company's address is not shown in the GetCapabilities statement
  • [GEOS-3873] - GeoServer binary distribution might use 100% constantly due to a bug in the JVM
  • [GEOS-3899] - Various issues converting a CSS style with scale dependencies
  • [GEOS-3939] - wrong query string on wms GetMap request
  • [GEOS-3963] - Layer deleted through REST Interface is not completely removed
  • [GEOS-3982] - Intermittent build failure in NewUserPageTest
  • [GEOS-3985] - RetypeDataStore does not properly handle the case of a feature type renamed to a target name that is also available the native name of another feature type
  • [GEOS-3987] - Clearing resource cache after adding a new store results in a NPE
  • [GEOS-3988] - Feature type reload warning dialog fails to display properly
  • [GEOS-3993] - Integrated GWC does not recognize newly added layer groups
  • [GEOS-3995] - Build failure caused by unsafe URL-File conversion in KMLMapTransformer
  • [GEOS-3996] - GetFeatureInfo in GML format against a raster layer will trigger an NPE
  • [GEOS-3998] - GeoserverInfoImpl.setClientProperties has no effect:
  • [GEOS-4002] - Error occurs when click on the Map CSS Demo link
  • [GEOS-4004] - Build failure on Windows caused by unsafe File path manipulation in KMLMapTransformer
  • [GEOS-4039] - Rendering Process fails when outside scale denominator of GraphicStroke
  • [GEOS-4041] - Unsafe File to URL conversion causes failure when deployed in path with spaces
  • [GEOS-4042] - ModificationProxy fails to notice changes in Map properties and improperly reports them for live collections
  • [GEOS-4057] - Consider anonymous auth token as lack of authentication in the GUI
  • [GEOS-4073] - Improved word wrap on in-image error reports
  • [GEOS-4079] - GWC integration fails when control-flow code tries to access cookies
  • [GEOS-4083] - Retyping datastore causes issue surrounding projections
  • [GEOS-4084] - Layer Preview uses invalid layer params
  • [GEOS-4085] - Transaction update fails when retyping in effect
  • [GEOS-4108] - Layer group editor does not include the workspace prefix in layer names
  • [GEOS-4140] - REST Config Plugin does not unescape URL
  • [GEOS-4153] - Regression: Non-DataStore DataAccesses no longer recognised by GUI
  • [GEOS-4165] - Error creating bounding box on SQL Server 2008 table with null geometry values
  • [GEOS-4170] - Cache-control configuration ignored on raster Layer
  • [GEOS-4195] - ogr2ogr output format should always use the GML intermediate representation
  • [GEOS-4204] - ogr2ogr won't work on windows due to command line parsing issues with the WKT
  • [GEOS-4206] - Mis-configured ogr2ogr output format breaks all GetFeature calls
  • [GEOS-4270] - overlapping images extracted from the same ArcSDE raster don't quite match
  • [GEOS-4325] - Allow setting of proxy base url via web.xml
  • [GEOS-4329] - ConcurrentModificationException in GetFeature under heavy load
  • [GEOS-4419] - attributes from AbstractFeatureType not filtered from application schema


  • [GEOS-3824] - Improve the GDAL-ImageIO-Ext section User Documentation
  • [GEOS-3856] - Add WCS limits (similar to those in WMS or WFS)
  • [GEOS-3905] - Control CSS -> FeatureTypeStyle conversion with z-index parameter
  • [GEOS-3920] - Add Labeling VendorOption SLD extensions to CSS module syntax
  • [GEOS-3962] - Centralize reset/reload utilities, reset image and font caches
  • [GEOS-3974] - Hide the REST API from bots by default
  • [GEOS-3981] - Add USE_JAI_IMAGEREAD read parameter configuration to CoverageStore
  • [GEOS-3994] - Allow KML icons to be placed in $DATA_DIR/styles subdirectories
  • [GEOS-3999] - external.type and url.type support for datastores
  • [GEOS-4000] - provide a note of where the data dir is in the UI
  • [GEOS-4017] - Simple patch for
  • [GEOS-4031] - Show log file contents in the web GUI
  • [GEOS-4052] - Allow integration tests to involve servlet filters as well
  • [GEOS-4087] - Allow admin to specify a rendering buffer per layer
  • [GEOS-4088] - Allow geoserver to start from an empty data directory
  • [GEOS-4106] - Extend PropertyFileWatcher to other file types
  • [GEOS-4121] - datastore connection paramters contain spaces and can't be updated via REST configuration
  • [GEOS-4174] - REST config reload resource is not documented
  • [GEOS-4188] - Allow GeoServer WFS to use the AUTO crs family
  • [GEOS-4196] - Add support for single file outputs to ogr2ogr
  • [GEOS-4199] - Improve shapefile output traceability and flexibility
  • [GEOS-4200] - Allow WFS BBOX kvp parser to handle AUTO projections
  • [GEOS-4203] - DescribeFeatureType should be working even when the namespace is not specified


  • [GEOS-4013] - Move control-flow to extensions
  • [GEOS-4310] - Add Proxy Server instuctions to WFS Data Store Doco


  • [GEOS-4171] - App-schema: test mappingName with special characters enclosed in quotes

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