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X10 Compiler: Front-end Constraints



Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug XTENLANG-2181 Ensure that types of fields of T{c} reflect c.
Bug XTENLANG-2643 The implicit target of an expression may be "self", but that of a call is always "this".
New Feature XTENLANG-822 Type Inference for vars would be nice...

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Improvement XTENLANG-3471 Place identity contraints propagated through 'at'
Bug XTENLANG-3039 Function guards not checked at invocation sites
Bug XTENLANG-3328 Constraint Inference: Test066_MustFailCompile and Test067_MustFailCompile

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased X10 SVN HEAD  
Unreleased X10 2.5.2
Unreleased X10 2.6  
Unreleased X10 1000