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Allow Http protocol to be set as a parameter within the @WebService annotation


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.6
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      Clustered servers running http behind a load balancer running https
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      Elaboration on Environment: In other words, the SSL cert resides on the load balancer and all requests for secure web services pass first to the load balancer, which, in turn, round robins the requests over http channels to an array of clustered servers. The clustered servers do not need to receive requests over secure lines since they are behind a firewall within a 10. network.

      Currently, when the WSDL is generated, the value of the attribute "location", within the tag "wsdlsoap:address", is dynamically set by XFire based on the http protocol of the incoming request for the WSDL.

      In the scenario cited in the "Environment" section of this issue, XFire will detect that the request is coming via http protocol, and consequently generate a SOAP address location containing an http prefix. The client receiving the generated WSDL has to override the location (service endpointURI) in order to call the subsequent SOAP operations via the proper https protocol.

      It should not be the responsibility of the client to fix the service endpointURI's protocol. Instead, I recommend that the @WebService annotation be modified to allow for an additional "httpProtocol" parameter, which would allow XFire to generate the WSDL with the correct SOAP address location.

      This improvement would allow secure web services, residing within the "Environment" described, to be tested by client tools that extract the service enpointURI from the WSDL.


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